Well, that was a lot of snow.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

I woke up to looking out the window and seeing the snowflakes fluttering around fast and furious.  It was beautiful.  But of course I was a little nervous knowing how much they had predicted (upwards of a foot).  Clearing that much snow in one day is not much fun. The only good thing was that I did NOT have to get myself in to work!!

When I took Izzy out before she ate breakfast there was already at least 5 or so inches. We enjoyed our morning — breakfast and reading 🙂

I decided to go out and do an initial shoveling around noon.  I would say there was about 8 inches or so at that point, if not more.  Even though it was coming down light and fluffy, the shoveling was actually rough because the snow had compacted and drifted and it became very heavy.  I was out there for about 45 minutes and it was tough.  I was so happy to come in and eat lunch (mini pizzas and Pringles!)

After lunch I threw in a load of darks, did up the dishes and did part of the finances.

And then it was time to go out again.  At that point there was probably about another 5 inches or so.  I did the walkways while Kimm started up the snowblower.  I came back in and folded the laundry and she was still at it so I went back out to help.  Turned out that the snowblower was having a tough time of ALL THAT SNOW.  So I helped with shoveling while she snowblowed.  Eventually she gave up on the snowblower and we both just shoveled the rest of the driveway.


But it was done!

We came in and I made dinner — Shepard’s Pie…yumm!!!

Then dishes, a long HOT shower and now I’m just looking up stuff on the Internet before we watch our Blacklist.

I’m not going to lie, bed is going to feel SO GOOD tonight.  The middle of my neck is so sore.

I’m going to say it again…I’m SO GLAD I had tonight off!!!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 40)…

~~brahmacarya (moderation) is often equated with courage

~~at the core of immoderation is the mistaken belief that we are not okay as we are

~~we reach outside of ourselves to find balance and end our suffering, but this is unsuccessful and so we try even harder but again it only ingrains in us that we are flawed

~~we need to stop whatever it is that is creating imbalance

~~then we need to examine the beliefs that drive us to immoderation in the first place

~~there is power in non-doing

~~when we finally walk away from the (food…sex…alcohol…) we leave fear behind

~~walking away is courageous — we have stepped away from a downward spiral

Things making me happy today: watching the snow fall fast while snuggled under the covers in bed, getting the snow shoveled finally, Shepard’s Pie, a hot shower after shoveling

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