Saturday, February 11, 2017

Well, another day.  I made it through work even though it felt long.  Probably because I was not well rested before going.  I had book club (which was a lot of fun! — good food…vegetarian bean dip, broccoli and cauliflower “tots,” guacamole, cheese and crackers, funfetti dip and my butterscotch blondies which went over VERY well — our next book is going to be “Before I Go” — a wife with cancer wants to find her husband a new wife before she dies).

We got about an inch of snow overnight.  I stopped at Stop and Shop for a few groceries after work.  By the time I got home Kimm had shoveled the driveway…it made her arm with the tendonitis very sore so I was hoping that she had not done it!  But it was a nice surprise.

I went to bed and was so exhausted I fell asleep almost immediately.  Slept good too.

Soft tacos and cumin rice for dinner…SO good.  We haven’t had soft tacos in so long and I just had a craving.

The maid did not show up to do the dishes so I had to do them 🙂

After that I did my arm exercises and hopped in the shower.  No extra show tonight because I’m in for 10 pm (which we had both kind of forgotten about until the last minute…I guess I should have foregone that after dinner nap…but it was SO NICE.)

Only one one…we are due for more snow tomorrow!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 42)…

~~brahmacarya allows us to connect to the law of karma (what goes around, comes around)

~~each one of us lives at the center of a spider’s web of our own making…the threads are our thoughts, words and deeds…yoga is the conscious manipulation of karma…how to avoid bad and accrue good

~~the middle road of moderation gives knowledge, vigor, valor, and energy; immoderation brings guilt, remorse, obsessive worry, and inertia

~~a few minutes of pleasure followed by hours of guilt is not good for our well-being

~~peace is found through moderation

Things making me happy today: listening to music on the drive to and from work, climbing into bed after a long night of work, soft tacos, sitting and doing nothing for 5 minutes


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