More snow…

Sunday, February 12, 2017

How can it be February 12th already??  This month is flying by.

Work was good…I cannot complain.  I was out by 8:15 am and was able to stop at Price Rite for some groceries AND get gas before the snow started falling too heavily.

I jumped into bed and when I got up there was about 5 inches.  I shoveled the walkways and Kimm snowblowed the driveway and it was done in about an hour.

Leftover soft tacos for dinner…so good.

Dishes done.  Shower taken.  About to watch a Blacklist…finishing this season!!!

AND…I’m OFF tonight!

We’re expected to get about another 5 plus inches overnight.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 43)…

~~progress in yoga de-ages us

~~this allows us to move through a series of former selves, dealing with issues that we might have been incapable at one point

~~this can be difficult, but also exhilarating

~~as a physical practice, we come face to face with any negative beliefs we may have about our physical selves

~~but these images are not who we are; our practice allows us to let them go

Things making me happy today: a good night at work, watching the snow fall, shoveling, dinner on the couch after, a HOT shower, having two days off!!!

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