Monday, February 13, 2017

Well, today just felt rough.  Every feel SUPER unmotivated?  Well, that was me today.

We slept in, til about 9 am.  Then up for breakfast (and reading!)  That part was fine.  But then there was the snow that we still needed to get up which had continued overnight.  There was about another inch.  Kimm got herself out there and thus so did I…but I SO did not want to!  The snow was heavy.  It was especially bad by the mailbox because the plows had gone by overnight so there was about another foot.  With it being so heavy, and the snowbanks so high, I had to physically carry shovels full to less high snowbanks.  That was QUITE the workout.  I was sweaty by the time it was done.

Lunch — salad with avocado (boy am I glad I learned about putting avocados in the fridge when they are getting ripe…that one had been in there for AT LEAST 2 weeks), tomato, green pepper, celery for me, Kimm had a fried egg sandwich with Pringles.  We started watching Last Man Standing again since we finished with The Blacklist.

After lunch again I was SO unmotivated.  I knew I wanted to get the tub cleaned and change the sheets on the bed, but did I do it?  NOPE.  Instead I worked on a photobook on Shutterfly that totally annoyed me because it would NOT upload my photos.  They sure do not make that user friendly.  I think I’m going to have to go back to the super simple way of doing photos…printing them out and putting them in a photo book, just like my parents did!!

Dinner — pierogios with broccoli…yummy.  Of course after that the WHOLE house smelled like onions!  The one downfall.

After dinner I was SUPER TIRED.  I took about a two hour nap.  And the entire time I could not completely relax because I was so mad at myself for not getting my stuff done (because after this day I would be working for three days in a row).  So when I finally got my butt off the couch I did the dishes, went up and cleaned the tub, and changed over the sheets/dusted and swept the bedroom.  SHEESH.  Finally got something done.

The night ended with a few more episodes of Last Man Standing which was good because I needed the laughs.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 44)…

~~the 8 limb path is all about BEHAVIOR

~~ACTIONS, not intentions

~~”fake it until you make it”



~~we can count of the unfamiliar to not feel comfortable, but that is not a reason to not do it…doing it will give us balance

Things making me happy today: breakfast on my day off — Biscoff!, laughing while watching Last Man Standing, clean sheets, bedroom dusted and swept, pierogies!!


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