January Finances done (FINALLY!)

Friday, February 17, 2017

Well, I made it through my three days on…and last night was much better than the night before.  And I also had NO errands to run after work so I was able to just come home and hop into bed.

That was a good thing because I set the alarm for 3 pm.  We made the decision to try and get the D**N January finances done.  And I KNEW that I had to get it done BEFORE eating because I was going to be way too tired after dinner.

So I got up, was groggy as all heck, but we DID FINISH. In 2 hours.  And we managed to save about $900 that month 🙂

And for our reward…Pizza House pizza and fries. That REALLY helped push me through finishing it all!!

The food was so good!!  And as expected, I turned into a food zombie afterwards…fell into a deep nap (one and a half hours!)

A little bit more of some TV and then bed.  It felt glorious to not have to be leaving the house at 10:30 pm!!

Here’s to TWO days off!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 48)…

~~many of us have high hopes of how we will practice and live our yoga

~~unfortunately, life often steps in, challenging these hopes…our vision falls short

~~we must constantly adjust our IDEALS to accommodate REAL life

~~but it is at those moments when everything is trying to DERAIL us that we most need to live our yoga

~~we can do it, and we will do it 

Things making me happy today: made it through my three days on, no errands after work, getting the January finances done — FINALLY (and saving ~$900!!), Pizza House pizza 🙂


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