Game Night out…

Saturday, February 19, 2017

A productive day!!!

Up by 9 am.

Washed my blanket (that goes on MY side of the bed!)

Made Chex Mix for tonight (game night #1)

Made brownies for tomorrow (game night #2)

Finance meeting for February started!!!!  (finally caught up with everything)

A walk with Izzy — gorgeous spring-like temps!!

Showered and ready to leave by 5:30pm!

We’re heading out for game night at our friends house.  Hopefully we’ll have lots of fun 🙂

Meditations from the Mat (Day 49)…

~~”We are to think of ourselves as immortals, dwelling in the light, encompassed and sustained by spiritual powers.  The steady effort to hold this thought will awaken dormant and unrealized powers, which will unveil to us the nearness of the eternal” … Charles Johnston

~~we must believe in our innate goodness and beauty

~~we must experience ourselves as miraculous!

~~we grow in our capacity to do the right thing each time we DO the right thing

~~doing the right thing will awaken unrealized powers in us!

~~when we believe in compassion, and live compassion, compassion will grow in our life

~~just make a beginning and that will foster within us the power to move forward

Things making me happy today: feeling ACCOMPLISHED — washed my blanket, made Chex Mix and brownies, did finance meeting, walked Izzy, SPRING-like temps!!, getting out to socialize


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