A COMPLETELY relaxing day!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Finally, the day I was waiting for!!!

Slept in 🙂

Breakfast — waffles and coffee 🙂

Shower and reading 🙂

The dentist — my only true TASK for the day.  I finally had my appointment for my cavity to be filled (I had canceled TWICE — once because I was sick in January, again because of a big snowstorm).  I was very nervous about the appointment because I really don’t like getting the Novacaine.  But I made it through…even though I was shaking pretty bad until after the Novacaine was given.  Whew..SO GLAD THAT IS OVER.

Home to just relax some more since I was still very numb.

Ate lunch about 1 pm — leftovers from last night (spaghetti and salad and bread).  I was still a little numb so I had to eat slow 🙂

More relaxing — basically reading and napping.

We did take Izzy for a walk because it was GORGEOUS out.

And then we got pizza out for dinner — yumm!

And then more reading and napping!!

I’m telling you…I NEEDED a day like this.  I feel like it’s been GO, GO, GO since last Saturday.  I was just so happy today to not have to do anything.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 54)…

~~sometimes with aparigraha there is fear that comes from want

~~you may want to hold on to something just because you have it and you may need it someday

~~we need to learn to not grieve the loss of anything…we need to learn how to say goodbye

~~we need to learn that we will be provided for in our life

Things making me happy today: making it through my cavity being filled, having a COMPLETELY relaxing day — reading and naps!, getting pizza out


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