Barnes and Noble {hot drink} FAIL.

Monday, February 27, 2017

YAY for a full day off 🙂

It was pretty understated.

Pretty much the usual in the morning…slept in, breakfast (English muffin and coffee!), reading, catching up on my blogs.

Then a shower because we were heading out to Barnes and Noble as a fun thing for the day.  We were both a little nervous because we weren’t sure what we might have for a drink there.  Kimm usually gets some sort of Frappacinno but lately the flavors have not been enticing.  As for me, the last few times I got the specialty latte and it wasn’t anything to write home about either.

So when we got there, we immediately looked at the drink menu so we could figure out what we wanted to get and we were not impressed.  I decided I would make a latte with one of their syrups (Toffee Nut).  Kimm decided to do the same.  So after wandering around the store for a bit, collecting books to browse through, we got our table and ordered our Toffee Nut lattes (and sugar cookies!)

Let’s just say…MAJOR FAIL.  In no way did those lattes taste like Toffee or Nuts!!!  They were probably the worst latte I have ever gotten there.  And the worst part was…they charged the regular latte price PLUS an extra 60 cents for the syrup!!!!! WHAT??  Seriously.  Those drinks were definitely not worth ~$4.50. GRRR.  Even though we used a gift card I felt cheated.  Good thing we had the sugar cookies because those were EXCELLENT 🙂

Then we were going to order food out from Parthenon to pick up on the way home….they are CLOSED on Mondays!!!  Double GRRRRR.

I decided to just make veggie burgers and fries and call it a night.

The meal was good, but I was still stinging over not being able to get takeout!


Anyways, it was a day off and that is ALWAYS a good thing.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 58)…

~~once you open yourself to yoga, you will find it everywhere

~~yoga teaches you to live more slowly

~~yoga teaches you that you need is in your soul

~~yoga teaches you to follow your heart

~~yoga teaches simplicity

~~yoga teaches you to be satisfied

Things making me happy today: having a full day off, spending a day with my sweetie, having the windows down on our drive, Starbucks SUGAR COOKIES!!!


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