An unexpected ER visit…

Thursday, March 2, 2017


I did take my shower last night, and then hopped into bed to take a nap before work.  I had been reading first, then got to a point where I felt I could just fall asleep, so I turned over quick and must have fallen asleep.

The next thing I remember is this loud crying sound and all of a sudden I was startled awake by Kimm standing in the bedroom, crying her little eyes out.  Of course I’m still half asleep and don’t even completely realize what is happening, just that she looks horrible.  I start saying, “what’s wrong? what’s wrong?” and she answers, “it hurts so much, it just hurts so much.”  I asked her how long she’s been crying and she says “a half hour.”  WHAT????

“Do you want to go to the ER?”


I’m running around like a crazy woman.  It’s 9:15 pm.  I have to work tonight, if I can.  I throw on my work clothes, quickly fix my hair, help Kimm get socks on, call her mom to see if they can come over and take care of Izzy and the cats, make my coffee for work, all the while trying to calm Kimm down while I’m feeling all nervous.

We leave the house by 9:30 pm.  I have Kimm text the supervisor on while we are driving.  She asks if I want her to see if the other night supervisor can work.  Judging by how much pain Kimm is in, I say yes.

We get to the hospital about 10:00 pm and immediately get sent to EMC (Emergency Minor Care).  I’m not sure how good this is…always better to be seen in the main ER but I know this issue is not considered an “emergency.”

Thankfully we are seen right away by the nurse and triaged.  But then we wait ONE HOUR before being seen by the PA.  SO FRUSTRATING. Just sitting and waiting.

The PA thinks based on Kimm’s description that it is a back spasm.  It does make sense.  The muscle is spasming up and that is causing this excruciating pain.

The best muscle relaxant for that is valium but unfortunately Kimm can’t take that because she is allergic to Ativan and it is in the same family.  So the plan becomes to get a shot of Toradol and see how she does (Toradol is an anti-inflammatory med).

She gets the IM injection (which hurts like HELL she says) and we wait.  After about a half hour she feels like the edge has been taken off, but still has a lot of pain.  She gets an IM injection of 4 mg morphine.  We wait some more.

This helps a bit more — the pain level is from a 9 to a 6.

We learn that with back spasms sometimes you just have to work through the pain.  It’s not what we want to hear, but we take it in and are discharged with prescriptions for Percocet and Robaxin (a stronger muscle relaxant than the Flexeril she’s been taking).  But of course those cannot be filled until day time.

After I thank my co-supervisor for working for me and tell her that I will work for her Friday night we head home.

It is about 1:45 am when we get home.  Kimm’s parents are still there.  I feel INCREDIBLY thankful that they were able to stay and watch the animals.  They say, “no big deal…we’re usually up this late!”  We chat for a bit longer, have a snack and Kimm’s mom helps me cut the cat’s nails because I don’t think Kimm will be able to do it for a bit.

We finally head up to bed about 3 am.


Kimm takes more Percocet, Flexeril and I rub some BioFreeze on her back.

Thankfully she is able to sleep.  We both wake up at 7 am to go to the bathroom.  She takes her meds again and I put more BioFreeze on.

She sleeps for another 4 hours!!!  And Izzy lets her.  I can’t believe we slept in til 11 am!  I’m just so glad she was able to rest.

The rest of the day was a blur.

We had breakfast, she had a shower, then I headed out to get her prescriptions filled.

I also did a load of laundry and washed out the litter box and Izzy’s food container.

Dinner was taco salad…yummy!

Kimm just took the new muscle relaxant and has fallen to sleep again.

My plan…take a shower and a long nap before work.

I am SO GLAD Kimm is over the hump of this back spasm.  There will be plenty of stretching, walking, back exercises to do in the future…but that is not today.  Today at least she can move without crying.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 61)…

~~yoga is a way for us to become still

~~when you are anxious or tense, you are out of balance; when you are calm, you are in balance

~~the niyamas are practices that we can bring into our daily lives that foster stillness, and balance and a sense of ease

Things making me happy today: Kimm’s back feeling a little better, litter box and Izzy’s food container washed clean, taco salad, a warm cozy home sheltering us from the harsh wind

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