A night off no longer…

Friday, March 3, 2017

My first night back to work after Kimm’s ER visit scare was pretty good.  It was busy, with high census, BUT no major issues.  WIN 🙂

I stopped at the grocery store after work for a few things and then home to chat with Kimm for a bit.  Her back is still bothering her.  But thankfully the Percocet/Flexeril combo is still working well to help her sleep (which I think is SO important).  I’m just hoping with time and continued stretching she will continue to be on the mend.

I hopped into bed a bit after 10 am and was up by my normal 4 pm.

I had gotten a text from the supervisor who works 3p-11p to see if I could come in a bit earlier.  So I’m headed in for 10 pm instead of 11 pm.  Well, that’s an hour of overtime on a day that I wasn’t even scheduled to work! (I MUST look at the positive side of things!!)

Simple but good meal of veggie quesadillas.

Now I’m going to finish the dishes, take a shower and then nap before work.

Just one more night on and then one off!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 62)…

~~the first miyama is sauca, or purity

~~purity is keeping yourself clean on the outside, and on the inside

~~keep yourself clean on the inside through asana, right eating practices and right attitudes

~~sauca is the practice of compassion

~~cultivate consciousness and care around the choices you make with your mental and physical environment

~~physical environment — make your bed, clean the tub, wash the dishes

~~mental environment — find five things to be grateful for, then find five more, and five more

~~with sauca, peace will settle in you

Things making me happy today: my new phone screen saver (a dandelion in bloom!), quesadillas, getting to rest before work, mild weather (supposed to get cold again soon!)


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