My one day off.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Tonight is my only night off.  And I needed it.  I’m tired.

Last night was okay at work although a few things happened towards the morning that prevented me from getting out on time.  Why do things always happen at the end of your shift??

But I came home, ate an English muffin and chatted with Kimm before heading to bed.  Her back is pretty much the same.  Still pretty sore.

I slept well, but just not long enough.

Dinner was good — soft tacos with rice!

Then came the after dinner nap! (about an hour and a half)

Dishes…the never-ending chore.

Now just resting until Kimm is ready to watch our nighttime show…she’s showering!

I’m going to be SO happy to be able to go to bed again tonight.  You know you are getting old when the happiest thoughts you have are of extra sleep 🙂

Meditations from the Mat (Day 63)…

~~as we practice sauca we become happy

~~often we become happy for no apparent reason as we change how we move throughout our days

~~we must clean our thoughts by LETTING GO

~~we let go of our old scripts, our old expectations

~~the letting go is a purification, a creating of emptiness, a space into which health and grace will move in

Things making me happy today: sleep after a long shift, yummy meal of soft tacos and rice, resting, light out until 5:45 pm!!, getting to sleep at night tonight


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