Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I made it through my (longish) stretch of days on!!

To say I am happy is very true.

After chatting with Kimm a bit, I went to bed.  She was planning on meeting up with her father to go to a meeting about the new trash and recycle bins that are going to be implemented this summer.

I slept until 4 pm, then up and I heard about the meeting.  I definitely think it will be a change but once we get used to it, we won’t think of it anymore (basically we are getting the large containers for the curbside…one for trash, one for recycling…if you have more trash than will fit in the bins then you need to purchase special trash bags to use…expensive, but I don’t think we’ll have a problem).

Dinner — homemade pizza…SO GOOD.

A nap after dinner of course.

A nice relaxing evening!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 67)…

~~santosa is the practice of being STILL with FAITH (with an open heart and an open mind)

~~practice contentment in the beautiful moments AND the difficult moments

~~be still , allow what is to be enough

~~use santosa as an opportunity — when you are doing postures that you like and when you are doing postures you don’t like — where does your mind go?? — can the moment be ENOUGH?

~~”We can easily practice santosa in the beautiful moments and joyous experiences of our lives.  But Patanjali asks us to be equally willing to embrace the difficult moments.” — Judith Lasater

Things making me happy today: NO WORK tonight!!, 2 days off and then only 2 on!!, homemade pizza, relaxing after dinner, reading on the couch


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