Thursday, March 9, 2017

I just LOVE having a full day off 🙂  I look forward to it so much.

Izzy did not let us sleep in so we were up earlier than we wanted to!  But that’s okay, because I was REALLY looking forward to breakfast (as usual!)

Breakfast — English muffin with Biscoff on one side, strawberry jam on the other, and of course, COFFEE (with sugar and Caramel creamer).

Two loads of laundry done — I finally got the fall comforter washed (it’s only been sitting in the spare bedroom since December 1! — also did a load of darks.

Good news — Kimm’s back is pretty much back to normal — which basically means it still hurts at times, but just not that horrible hurt how it was 🙂  Makes me happy.

While the laundry was washing I was happily watching Episode One of Survivor: Gamechangers!!!  It was good.  I think this will be a good season.

Lunch — grilled cheese, apple, almonds.

Followed by a nap by Kimm and reading by me.

And then it was FINANCE MEETING time.  We were finishing up February.  Of course we got behind because of Kimm’s back but after about 2 hours we were done.  We did WELL — saved $1000!  I guess you don’t spend a lot when you are sick!

As our reward — pizza out while watching a movie (Bad Moms).  It was SO NICE.  Felt great to laugh a little.

Of course I had an epic nap after that and Kimm was reading and talking with her mom — we set up next Monday as our Birthday night (for the Jan and Feb birthdays…finally!)

And then time for bed.


Meditations from the Mat (Day 68)…

~~the practice of contentment begins with an awareness of how we evaluate ourselves and our surroundings

~~if your start point is off, none of your subsequent calculations will be connected to reality

~~our start point must be that we already are perfect beings

~~the work towards happiness depends on the way we define ourselves — if you see yourself as imperfect, you cannot be happy

~~when you feel discontent, stop and get a sense of your start point — you are PERFECT

~~”Everyone is already the living Buddha, complete, whole, perfect as you are.  All this action and effort to become special is just making you very unspecial and creating a tremendous amount of pain and suffering.” — Zen master Dennis Genpo Merzel

Things making me happy today: breakfast, clean clothes, getting the February finance meeting done and saving $1000, pizza out and watching a funny movie



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