Saturday, March 11, 2017

There is contentment in routine.

…drive home from work with the seat heater on and the car heat on full blast while eating my final snack and sipping on the remainder of my coffee that I’ve heated up at work, while listening to my music

…checking in with Kimm and chatting a bit before heading up to bed

…brushing my teeth, writing in my journal, slipping into my night tee, putting on my Carmex and my hand lotion, reading and finally turning over to head into dreamland

…hearing the alarm and getting up, dressing in comfies, brushing my teeth and greeting Kimm and the animals

…fixing the nighttime meal (veg burg and tator tots tonight)

…watching a show while we eat and then snuggling up in my blanket on the couch

…doing the dishes

…writing my blog

…a hot shower, getting my clothes together for work, and then a nap before getting up, getting dressed, and fixing my hair for work

…a goodbye kiss!

Only one more on…and it’s one hour less…we’re springing ahead!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 70)…

~~when you walk the path, you will start to transform

~~your spiritual “winter” is over

~~the bloom of health will begin

~~there is an inner light that will shine from within

~~these changes are slow and sometimes barely perceptible, but they are happening

~~you will generate a radiance from within

Things making me happy today: warm car driving home from work, bed, tator tots, covering up with the blanket on the couch, the structure of routine


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