Birthday celebrations (finally!)

Monday, March 13, 2017

Today was a busy day!

We got up, had breakfast and then got ourselves ready to leave by 12:40 because Kimm had an appointment about the tendonitis in her elbow.

My morning — cleaned the tub, showered, read, watched an old episode of Survivor, had a snack.

Kimm’s appointment went well…the doctor was VERY nice…didn’t rush us, did agree that she had tendonitis and then gave her some suggestions as to how to heal it over time (icing and stretching basically) and then gave her a Cortisone injection to help with the pain.  Turns out that tendonitis, just like plantar fasciatis can take QUITE a long time to heal, months in fact.  Joy.

After that appointment we stopped at B.J.’s since we were so close — picked up 3 things of litter for the next few months.

Then home.  We had a little time to relax before heading over to Kimm’s parents for the birthday celebrations.  I, of course, took a nap 🙂

When we got to Kimm’s parents we did not see Kimm’s brothers car.  Turned out that his car did not start.  I guess this has been the second time this has happened.  So her father went to pick him up.  He’ll need a new battery.  I guess since he drives so infrequently, there is not a lot of time for the battery to get charged up.

So everything started a little late but that’s okay!  We had pizza for dinner…yumm!

And then of course I took another nap.  What is it with me and naps???  Everyone just starts talking and my eyes get heavy and there I go.

Kimm’s parents are very involved in following politics now…in fact they have taken to tweeting!  It’s so cute!

We got to the presents…I got two yoga books, the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy, Season 7 of Little House on the Prairie, and a holder for my colored pencils.  Too much spent as usual.  Kimm got several CDs and two gift certificates…one for music, one for books…she was very happy.

The night ended with cake and ice cream — yellow cake with vanilla frosting, chocolate ice cream for me.  It was yummy.

It was a late night for us…home after midnight!

On another note…I had my lowest weight this morning!!!!!  I am still trying, although the weight is coming off MUCH MORE SLOWLY than I would like.  We’ll see what the scale says tomorrow after pizza, cake and ice cream tonight.  Two steps forward, one step back…

Meditations from the Mat (Day 72)…

~~contentment is an everyday practice and most of the time we will be applying it to our everyday responsibilities, our everyday toil

~~what could be more important that how we experience each and every moment

~~have courage to embrace the days with faith and love

~~we WILL find enjoyment in our toils

Things making me happy today: Kimm getting her Cortisone injection, my lowest weight yet!, birthday celebrations — pizza, cake, gifts — I am EXTREMELY BLESSED


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