A LOT of snow.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Well, we knew it was coming, but it didn’t make it any easier to face.

SNOW.  A LOT of it.  18 inches to be exact.

We woke up about 9 am and I did my first shoveling after taking Izzy out.  There was about 4 inches at that point.  And it was coming down fast and furious.  Took me about a half hour to shovel.

But I knew that I had breakfast as my reward 🙂

The next shoveling was at noon.  It was like I had never shoveled before!  Probably another 4-5 inches at that point.  Getting slightly heavier to shovel.  Kimm snowblowed at that point too.  Took us about 45 minutes.

But…there was lunch as a reward — we did mac and cheese from a box and corn…tasted so good to eat something warm after being outside in the cold.  It was horrible out there because it just kept coming down…no relief so you were soaking wet.  I put our clothes in the dryer.

During the afternoon I called and chatted with my parents.  They had gotten about 7 inches the prior day.

We went out again about 4:30 pm.  AGAIN, it was like I had never shoveled!!  And the plows had gone by.  So another about 6 inches.  And this time it was HEAVY.  It was horrible shoveling.  I was in pain from shoveling earlier so I was SO glad to be done.

Our reward this time…leftover pizza that was SUPER easy to heat up and eat.  Yummy!

I rested as much as I could after that, knowing that we would have to go out one more time.  We headed out at 8 pm and got the remaining bit…about 2-3 inches.  Again, very heavy, especially where the plow had gone by.  And the plow did a HORRIBLE job around the corner and in the street and down our small “bike path” — I had to shovel QUITE a bit of the road.  Seriously!

We were done about 9 pm and then it was in the house, and a LONG, HOT shower as our final reward.

I left about 15 minutes early to get to work and ran into no problems.

It WAS a beautiful sight to see the city covered in all that snow.  If only we didn’t need to shovel it all!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 73)…

~~as we apply the principles of yoga, we come to understand that the anxiety that we feel, the suffering we experience, comes from NOT practicing yoga

~~even the most tentative attempt at living our yoga produces immediate positive results

~~all of our old strategies to end or lessen our suffering have actually intensified the pain

~~you need the willingness to make a beginning, to turn yoga from theory into action

Things making me happy today: FINALLY getting all the shoveling done (~18 inches … WOW), not having to cook a meal — leftover pizza and cake!!, long, hot shower


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