Happy first day of Spring!!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Today is the first day of spring!!!

(not that I got to enjoy much of it, that’s for sure)

However, there was GLORIOUS sunshine my entire drive home from work 🙂

I got home (on time for once…no stopping at the store), chatted with Kimm for a bit, and then headed up to bed.

I slept well.

Kimm was quite productive today…two loads of laundry!

Getting the meal ready was super simple…just re-heating the soup, slicing the Italian bread and spreading it with butter.  MY type of meal!

Of course I had an after dinner nap.  Somehow I am just exhausted.

Now the dishes are done, I’m catching up on writing my blogs and then I’m heading upstairs for (you guessed it) a nap before work!

Only two more on.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 79)…

~~tapas is the yearning to know more, the desire to integrate lost selves, the passion to live fully

~~all of us are set on a trajectory by the circumstances of our birth, gender, class, family and life experiences… the sum total of all these forces in our lives, and the choices we make concerning those forces is our karma

~~karma is the momentum of all the external forces in our lives, including the consequences of choices we have made in the past; tapas is the generation of internal momentum to counteract the momentum of karma

~~tapas is the energy that sees us through our life

Things making me happy today: knowing that winter is behind us!, sunshine, easy meal prep and minimal dishes, the ability to nap when I need to


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