Out and about…

Thursday, March 23, 2017

LOVE days off!!

Today we actually did something we normally don’t do very often…we got off our butts and got out of the house 🙂

We had a 30% off coupon for Kohl’s so that is what actually inspired us to get moving.  We were hoping to find some pots and pans, maybe a shower curtain…30% is nothing to laugh at!

Well…we were not successful.  The pots and pans situation is dire.  First of all, there was not a lot there to look at and what was there…eh.  I kind of liked the Rachel Ray set, but Kimm was not in love.  She kind of liked this other set (I think it was Farberware…with a really cool light blue color), but I was not in love.  NEITHER set had what we really wanted…a 3 quart size pan similar to the one that we now have that we use to cook popcorn in.  So…final decision…we decided to wait and look elsewhere…where, we don’t know yet, maybe Bed, Bath and Beyond???

We also failed at finding a shower curtain…nothing struck our fancy.

We DID find a dinnerware set that we both agreed on! Cream colored with a brown trim…very rustic looking!  With the coupon, still expensive, but more reasonable and we got two boxes (to make a total of 8 place settings).  We also both found a belt…that is a major accomplishment for me since I’ve been looking for a LONG time.  The one I got was reversible…black on one side, white on the other.   I like it (I especially like that it is fake leather…now cow died to give me that belt!)

After Kohl’s we headed over to Bob’s.  Kimm had a 25% off coupon and she was looking for boots for mowing the lawn (more ankle stability).  She was successful!

And then I wanted to stop at Old Navy because I had seen that they had a sale on jeans and I am desperate…all of mine are just looking pretty big.

NO LUCK. In fact, it was quite comical.  It must just be my body shape, but all the jeans I tried on were WAY TOO BIG in the hips/thighs, but kind of tighter in the waist.  Even though I tried on straight legged jeans, skinny jeans…nothing made a difference.  AND can I just say … I HATE, HATE, HATE that all the jeans have that spandex in them now.  I just want denim…no stretch material in my jeans.  It feels SO WEIRD.  HATE IT.

So we left there with no jeans.  Thankfully Kimm made the trip worth it because she got this super cute orange sweatshirt!

We were exhausted and starving at this point so we ordered a pizza and headed home.

While eating we watched a movie…The Accountant…it was good!

It was a good rest of the day, just relaxing.

Again, LOVE these days off.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 82)…

~~we must learn to trust our own judgment on spiritual matters

~~BUT we also must learn to trust others as well and learn from them…over TIME, our own wisdom awakens

~~when to practice, how to practice, what to practice, the answers will all come to us

Things making me happy today: getting out and going shopping with Kimm, watching a movie while eating pizza, finally finding a new belt, a FULL day off!


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