Flight booked to WI (FINALLY)

Saturday, March 25, 2017

I made it through the night with minimal issues (just one minor, but kind of time-consuming thing at the end of the shift — programming a PCA pump for a CMO (comfort measures only) patient — which involved getting in touch with the day hospitalist, obtaining an order, going to the basement to get the special pump, programming the pump with the nurse, re-priming the medication and explaining everything to the patient’s family.  Took about 1/2 hour in total, but I felt better not passing it along to the next supervisor and knowing it was done properly.

Left the hospital about 9 am, then stopped at Price Rite for some groceries.  HAD to pick up some asparagus because the price was excellent — $1.77/lb!!

Was so glad to walk in the house and just be home.  Put the groceries away, chatted with Kimm, ATTEMPTED to buy my ticket home to WI for May on Travelocity again and AGAIN ran into major issues…would NOT accept the credit card.  I was getting SO frustrated and just gave up.  Kimm suggested trying to buy one way tickets through the individual airlines and I agreed…AFTER I got up.

So to bed I went.

Slept pretty good but not long enough.

Dinner was so good — veggie burgers, steak fries, asparagus! (with espresso beans for dessert) … all while watching the new Grace and Frankie episodes!

And then after dinner I FINALLY got my tickets purchased.  BIG SIGH OF RELIEF.  I went to the Delta and United websites and it was actually so much easier to do it from there.  I will NEVER purchase a ticket via Travelocity again.  I’ll just use it to check prices.

I’m SO happy to be able to cross “buy WI ticket” off my to-do list!

Now I just have the dishes and ??? a short nap after my shower before heading into work for 10 pm.

Thankfully just tonight and then two off again…

Meditations from the Mat (Day 84)…

~~the fourth niyama is svadhyaya, which means education of the self

~~the words of our teachers slowly work their way into our consciousness….often when we first read them, we may not understand…often we must wait for the circumstances of our lives to allow the words to show their meaning for us

~~our thoughts, words and deeds are informed by the words of our teachers

Things making me happy today: finally purchasing my WI plane tickets, fresh asparagus, chocolate covered espresso beans, sitting on the couch with my sweetie!


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