Kimm’s hungry…

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Two nights on…now done.  Love when I only have two on…feels so fast!  And now that it is all over I can say it…it was a slow night and much needed.

I was happy to come home, chat with Kimm and then head to bed.

Dinner was easy — quesadillas (with onions, green peppers, mushrooms and cheese).

Funny story…so Kimm has now started to count calories too…she wants to lose weight (even though I think she looks good!) and is impressed by my weight loss (however, 30 lbs in 7 months, although it makes me VERY happy, is not a fast track weight loss plan!).

BUT…now that she is counting calories, and seeing how fast they add up, and seeing how much she has to cut out to stay within her calorie count…there are a couple of things happening…first, she is hungry!  Totally understandable.  I’m hungry a lot of the time too!  Second, she has a better understanding of how I’ve felt the last seven months.  It’s never very much fun to always feel like you are never full, can’t indulge, get irritated by others who just eat what they want.  SIGH.  But…the weight loss is real.  So she is determined.  And I am proud of her.

I told her she’ll need to invest in a diet journal like I have…so she can write down “I’m hungry!” just like I do!!

Anyways…needless to say, she felt the quesadillas were lacking in flavor since they had MUCH less cheese on than she is used to!  But I think her tastes will change with time.

My after dinner nap was wonderful.

Then my after-dishes nap was wonderful too!

We finished the night with three episodes of Grace and Frankie…only two more left 😦  That show is really good!

We headed up to bed hungry (pretzels are not much of an evening snack!)

Meditations from the Mat (Day 85)…

~~yoga is the practice of self-awareness

~~everything is a means for self-study

~~life will teach you about yourself

~~you must be willing to take responsibility for what you learn

~~to commune with your reality is to draw nearer to your desired deity

Things making me happy today: an easier night at work, watching Grace and Frankie, having the night off!, a cozy home, getting to sleep at night



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