New RUG!!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Another day of work done…not too bad again.

I slept pretty good…at least I startled awake when the alarm went off.

Dinner was a fave — homemade pizza.

And then, after dinner, the UPS driver made a late delivery…our new living room rug 🙂  We both LOVE it.  It is 5 x 7, 100% polyester, soft to the feet feel, vintage/worn look with muted colors of cream/brown/yellow.  I hope it will wear well, vacuum easy, and hide any puke/pee stains (hey, thinking realistically with these animals!)

I’m going to try to take a good picture of it when we have better light.  That may not be tomorrow as we’re expected to get snow…BOO!

But for now, I have one night on.  Tomorrow night I’m excited because I think I’ll finally be able to watch that first episode of DWTS!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 89)…

~~expose yourself constantly to writers, singers, movies, teachers that light your fire

~~just as tapas gives us permission to be enthusiastic about our lives, svadhyaya gives us permission to stay plugged in

~~svadhyaya is about connecting to the energy you find healing and inspiring

Things making me happy today: new living room rug!!, watching Izzy play with her ball, homemade pizza, covering up with my blanket, hot shower


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