The Big 4-0

Thursday, April 6, 2017


I know this is helpful in the spring, but I will be happy to see the sun again.

We had actually made plans to get out to Target, but neither of us felt like making the trek out will all the rain.  There is NOTHING fun about toting plastic bags from store to car, to car to house, in the rain.  NOTHING.  So that will get pushed off.

Instead, we did our finance meeting.  A few errands that were less intense — getting to CVS to get Kimm’s prescriptions (and birthday cards for his mom and brother for the birthday celebration meal we were having that night) and to the vet (to pick up Izzy’s incontinence med and ask about Charlie’s food).  We got home just in time for me to shower (SO NICE on such a cold, raw day), call in our pizza order, and then head over to Kimm’s parents.

So Kimm’s brother is 40!  Wow, I can’t believe I am already four years past that birthday.  WHERE DOES THE TIME GO???

It was a nice evening…eating (pizza! and cake!), chatting (all the politics…and it is hard to believe that Trump has now attacked Syria), and watching a good movie (The Intern).

Poor Izzy had a rough night with all the rain (and there was thunder and lightening to boot which we were not expecting)…at home she would just go down to her safe spot in the basement but there was nothing at Kimm’s parents…she just kept walking around and around in a circle, looking so freaked out.  Finally we emptied out the closet of the vacuum and she was able to snuggle in to a small, dark spot!

We were home late, about 1 am!  And we both had a stomach-ache — all that sweet frosting on the cake is my thinking!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 96)…

~~the practices of yoga bring us back to the self

~~svadhyaya is self-study — the work we do to KNOW the divinity that is at OUR core

~~our daily lives are rich with opportunity to practice, to not react out of past conditioning, but to pause and affirm our higher selves

~~the greatest challenge may be to the ordinary encounter — to the slow drivers ahead of you, to the bored or incompetent person behind the counter — what are our reactions to THESE encounters?? LOVE or FRUSTRATION?

~~it is never about control, it is about LETTING GO

Things making me happy today: watching Survivor (!!), reading on a rainy day, celebrating with pizza, cake and a movie, having a FULL day off, hot shower, the smell of my shampoo!



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