Book Club at Student Prince

Sunday, April 9, 2017

I made it through my two days on and left the hospital on a mission — to do a drive by of the place that my book club was meeting at that evening — a restaurant in Springfield (a city that I LOATHE to drive through!!!).  I got SO SO SO frustrated.  First of all, they are still doing a lot of construction in that area for the new casino that got approved.  So the one-way streets and confusing layout of that area of the city are made even worse by orange construction signs everywhere.  I did manage to eventually find the restaurant but then it looked like the parking area near it was closed.  So then I was trying to determine where else I could park.  But that became frustrating too as I was driving over and over again the same area but not finding anything.  Eventually I made my way home and determined that I would NOT go to book club.

I sent a quick text to say I was not going and for everyone to have a good time.  But then shortly after I got a text from one of the members saying, “please come!!”  Of course I felt guilty and basically explained that I was concerned about parking.  She was nice enough to say that she would pick me up!  So I reluctantly agreed to go, even though I felt like a heel not being able to get there myself what with living so close.  SIGH.

I slept (or should I say NAPPED, since it was only 5 hours) and then got up and took a shower and got ready.  I was still so tired at that point…my eyes were BURNING.  But I took a No-Doze and after about an hour, I started to feel more awake.

My friend picked me up and it turns out that the parking lot that I had looked at that morning that I thought was closed was actually open but just not accessible from the street where I was driving by…you needed to go down a few streets and come around (due to those stupid one-way streets!)  But we got there and it wasn’t too bad.

And then we had Book Club.  The restaurant, Student Prince, has been in the area for a long time and it is German food.  Since I don’t eat meat, there were not a lot of options, but the food I DID have was GREAT.  The table started out with a giant pretzel (with beer cheese and honey mustard dipping sauces) — this was SO YUMMY.  Then I ordered a salad (and one of the other members also ordered a salad and we shared).  My salad had kale, sliced raw brussel sprouts, sliced apples, chopped carrots, mozzarella balls, and candied pecans…I had ranch dressing.  The salad that I got to share was spinach, dried cranberries, goat cheese and candied pecans…I got house made French dressing with that.  As I said…both of these salads were so good…and so filling.  I definitely want to re-create them at home!

Then came dessert.  It was SUCH a hard decision.  Around the table this is what was ordered — apple strudel, German chocolate cake, cookie baked in a skillet…I decided to order the flourless chocolate torte.  It was okay.  I should have ordered something different but I was trying to save calories.  WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!  NEXT TIME!

We chatted and laughed and took selfies and just had a really good time.  The book we discussed was The Sleepwalker.  I had liked it just OKAY.  I just did not get pulled into the storyline or the characters very much.  I was surprised by the ending which WAS a good thing.  The next book we picked was A Man Called Ove.  It has been on the best-selling list for quite a while.  Kimm already read it and she loved it.  Which is good, because everyone wants her to come to the next book club 🙂

I am SO GLAD that I didn’t stay stubborn and not go to Book Club.  I would have missed a really good time.  The food and the company was excellent!

I am really anxious to come back to that restaurant with Kimm and share that big pretzel and a yummy dessert with her!!

When I got back home, Kimm and her brother were hanging out.  They had dinner together and then he was going to help her put a game on her computer.  I myself started watching a new show on Netflix but not even 20 minutes in and the eyes got VERY sleepy and I pretty much watched the inside of my eyelids for the rest of the night!!

So happy to have tonight off.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 99)…

~~to be spiritual is to act like an adult, to take responsibility for one’s actions, to manifest love in one’s interactions

~~we often come to the mat to be comforted, as we turn to our spiritual being to be comforted…there is NOTHING wrong with this as this is often a necessary first step in summoning a higher power

~~but then, comforted, it is our duty to comfort…our problem solved, it is up to us to become part of the solution

~~try this in your own practice…inhale and draw life energy in, exhale and radiate heart energy out into the world

~~let us share what we have and be a ray of light in the lives of those around us

Things making me happy today: going out to a new restaurant (Student Prince) — good food — big pretzel, kale salad, spinach salad, coming home and napping on the couch, day off!!!

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