Long, busy night

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Whew.  Glad that shift is over.  Even though I was on with my co-supervisor it was still a VERY busy night.  A full moon is no joke in a hospital 🙂  ER full with many admissions.  2 CERT calls, both with Chest Pain, one transferred to Baystate because she was having an MI, the other up to IMC.  Helping to move patients.  Starting IVs.  And then our 2 hour Tele-sitter class this morning.  Followed by a quick stop at the grocery store for some essentials (mushrooms for pizza tonight!!)

Finally home and a quick hello to my sweetie and in bed by 11:15 am.  TIRED.

My eyes were burning when I got up.

My lowest weight on the scale today!! (not by much, but still a loss!)

Homemade pizza for dinner.

A walk on a different route after dinner…nice to switch things up…you can get kind of bored walking the same way over and over…and over and over 🙂

Now quickly writing my blog and then up for a short nap before showering and going back to work.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 102)…

~~samadhi is union with the divine

~~it is knowledge that I am that, you are that, all is that and that is all there is

~~the separation between ourselves and the universe dissolves

Things making me happy today: my new lowest weight (not by much but STILL!), pink-tinged night sky, homemade pizza, nap/rest time before work



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