Busy, busy night.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Another really busy night.  The full moon effects are lingering, me thinks!  Census = 109!!! Staffing tight everywhere.  Computers not working.  Lots of sick calls.  I was SO glad to leave this morning.

Of course when I came home I see that the neighbors next to us are re-doing their roof.  That is all fine and dandy, but I need to sleep!!  Thankfully I was SO tired that I actually WAS able to sleep.

Veggie burgers with fried onions, and brown rice on the side for dinner.  Super good…we have not had that in a while.  So far we are liking our new stove top grill.  That means that the old George Foreman may be heading out soon!

We both had thought we were going to skip the walk because we were tired, and let’s face it, lazy.  But then after doing the dishes, we both decided that we shouldn’t be so lazy and that Izzy would enjoy it and it was GOOD for us too.  So out the door we went and it was not too bad.  AND…we saw the most GORGEOUS twilight sky…lavender!!

Now finishing this blog, napping, then to work for my last night on.  FINGERS CROSSED not as bad.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 103)…

~~until you are ready to sell cleverness and buy bewilderment, you will not learn anything

~~until you can say “I don’t know” you will be unable to listen and learn

~~having to know it all is an immense burden

~~remove the weight and get ready to soak in the knowledge that is out there

Things making me happy today:  juicy pear for snack at work, lavender twilight sky, veggie burgers and brown rice, reading in bed, only one more night on!, Izzy’s smile!


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