Saturday, April 15, 2017

Izzy had us up early this morning…by 7:30 am!

Breakfast — English muffin with Biscoff, jam and a 1/2 a pear on the side, coffee of course!

Kimm and I were both on fire this morning.  I cleaned the tub, changed over the sheets to spring sheets/comforter, dusted the bedroom and swept the floor.  I also cleaned all the outside decorations…they were full of dirt and dust. Kimm cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed.

We both showered and ate lunch — mini pizzas and an apple for me, an orange for Kimm.

The sheets got washed and dried and folded.  Some of the outside decorations got put out.

I watched last week’s episode of Survivor — the one where Varner outed Zeke for being transgender.  Wow.  I guess that created quite the uproar.  What was he thinking??

Dinner was quesadillas.  Followed by an after dinner nap 🙂

Dishes are done and we are going to watch another movie…a nice relaxing evening 🙂

Meditations from the Mat (Day 105)…

~~the aim of yoga is to become still, to learn to reside in our truth

~~how is love defined in yoga?  it is nonharming, honesty, nonstealing, moderation, purity, contentment, zeal, self-awareness and surrender

~~say yes to love

Things making me happy today: fresh sheets/spring comforter on the bed, clean tub, breakfast at the table, reading, some spring decorations outside, balmy weather


One thought on “Cleaning.

  1. He just zapped out. Maybe it wa the heat OR  just mad at Zeke for keeping it secret whereas he (Varner) & and Tai were open and above board about they’re being gay.

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