Burning eyes…

Monday, April 17, 2017

Boy, last night was tough.  It was a BUSY night and I was exhausted to begin with.  So that made for a long night to get through…and of course there were some issues right at morning time (as there usually is!) so I was EXTRA glad to exit the building!!

And so happy to come home and climb into bed after a quick chat with Kimm.

Bed felt SO SO SO GOOD.

After resting for about 6 hours I woke up with my eyes burning just as bad as when I went to bed.  SIGH.

Nothing a little Visine can’t fix 🙂

Dinner was super simple — leftover Easter vegetables.

Yumm 🙂

And I was the one who encouraged us to get out for an after dinner walk after our evening chores (which by the way…the George Foreman went out in the trash tonight!!!  EXTRA counter space…hello!!)

Now I’m just writing my blogs and then I’ll hop in the shower like the good bunny I am and get ready for another night of work.  Hopefully it will be good.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 107)…

~~the work of the yamas and the niyamas connects us to the deep compassion that is at our core

~~however, it is still work…be kind to yourself…if you violate the yamas and niyamas don’t beat yourself up…just pick yourself up and move on…keep trying!

~~study and learn the yamas and niyamas…pick one to focus on for a week, then move on to another one…keep repeating until you KNOW them

~~they all form a whole…embrace the process!!!

Things making me happy today: getting through my first day of work even though I was exhausted, BED!, leftovers, after dinner walk — gorgeous blue and cream sky

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