Not much to the day.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

First off, yay (!!) to a pretty easy night at work for once.  There was really only one issue that popped up at the end of my shift that I was not able to completely solve and had to pass along to the next supervisor and clinical coordinator.  Hopefully it worked out since it involved a patient’s missing purse.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home for a super quick trip.  In and out in about 15 minutes!

Then to bed, but first some reading under the covers…the best 🙂

Up by 4:30 pm.  Kimm told me this horrific story of being caught in the garage by a HUGE bumblebee as she was looking outside the garage window to see what was making a lot of racket in our neighbor’s yard.  She couldn’t figure out the noise thing, but the bee was NOT a good thing.  Eventually she had to climb over the front of the car!!!!!  OH MY.  I am so glad that I was not there.  One more reason why I spend as LITTLE time outside during this beginning part of spring as I need to.  Unless it is windy, overcast or raining 🙂

Dinner was super simple and good…leftover tacos.

A quick nap on the couch next to my sweetie…the dishes washed…and now my blog and shower.  No time for a longer nap tonight as I’m going in early.

Tomorrow is Drag Brunch (and we’re getting pizza out after!!!)

Meditations from the Mat (Day 112)…

~~the first of the afflictions is avidya, or spiritual ignorance

~~this is the cause of all the remaining afflictions

~~we do not know who we really are and this drives us away from ourselves

~~we are who we are

~~on our mats we find the truth…we are the solution

~~we come to know that we are everything we have always hoped we would be but never believed we could be

Things making me happy today: an easy night at work, resisting temptation at work (ice cream cake!!), reading in bed, snuggling on the couch after dinner


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