Back ache.

Monday, April 24, 2017

It was so nice to sleep in 🙂

Unfortunately, as I was getting dressed to head downstairs, I somehow did SOMETHING to my back and it hurts SO MUCH.  It was a sharp, sudden pain that caused me to catch my breath.  It felt so much like how Kimm described her back pain when we had to go to the ER so I think maybe I did have a sudden back spasm??  Or I pulled a muscle??  Regardless, it was not a good feeling.

I hobbled downstairs, moving very slowly.  I took Izzy out, gave her breakfast, made my breakfast, and just sat for a while.  Kimm gave me some of her muscle relaxants that she had from the ER and I hoped that they would make a difference.  I’m not sure if they did…at least they did not make it worse.

We had been debating going out to see Beauty and the Beast (finally!) but then reconsidered when my back acted up.  But finally I just said, “let’s do it” (because my back was going to be sore sitting in the theater or sitting at home…so I’d rather have a sore back eating some popcorn!)

So we went to see Beauty and the Beast!  I really liked it 🙂  And Kimm sat through it for me 🙂  I had COMPLETELY forgot that it was a musical!!!!  I think having popcorn made it more tolerable for her 🙂

When we got out of the theater it was 70 degrees and sunny…so nice.

We headed home and BOTH of us ended up napping on the couch.

A quick dinner — veggie burgers and rice, followed by the rest of our ice cream from last night.

And now we’re relaxing before bed.

I’ll be taking another muscle relaxant at bedtime and crossing my fingers that this back issue is all better when I wake up.

THANKFULLY I did not have to work tonight, but I do have to work 3p-11p tomorrow so I want to be in better shape.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 114)…

~~despite avidya, the cloud of unknowing, we are compelled by a sense of deeper knowing

~~yoga encourages us to become OURSELVES

~~we must cultivate and hold with a steady effort the vision we have for ourselves

~~now is the time to follow the guidance of our hearts

Things making me happy today: eating breakfast with Kimm, finally getting to see Beauty and the Beast!!, movie theater popcorn, sun!, napping, reading


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