Working 3-11.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Well, today was the day that I was kind of dreading for a while.  I knew I had to work 3p – 11p.  One of our supervisors who normally works that shift is out after knee surgery (for a torn meniscus) so the rest of us are trying to help cover shifts as much as we can so the other supervisor who works 3p – 11p is not working like 20 days in a row 🙂

I was able to sleep in a bit, ate breakfast while reading and then was able to use the rest of the morning to watch DWTS (Disney night!!)

Then came showering and eating lunch (mini pizza).

And then it was already time to get ready for work.  I left a little early because I was not sure about the traffic and the parking.  Thankfully the traffic was not horrible and I got a spot where I was hoping I would (now that we have valet parking for staff members, there are only a few lots where you can park if you don’t want valet parking).

Then the shift.

It was CRAZY busy at the very beginning (that 3p-7p is just insane with all the doctors, social workers, visitors, etc).  But then the second half (7p-11p) was actually not bad.  In fact, I didn’t have anything happen that made my night bad like how my co-overnight-supervisor had when she did the shift a week ago.  WHEW!

I gave my report and was out of there by 11:30 ish and home by a bit after midnight.

Kimm was sweet enough to wait up for me 🙂

Then it was straight to bed.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 115)…

~~avidya puts the focus on us….the problem is spiritual ignorance, so the solution is getting to know who WE are

~~the good thing is we can begin immediately

~~most of us come to the mat with a mind that is out of control and a poor relationship to our bodies…but WE STAY WITH IT

~~amidst the jumble of pride, desire, aversion and fear, there is a still point…a part of ourselves bearing witness to it all

~~it’s like getting to know that interesting stranger at the bus stop week after week

~~we make a beginning , we develop a love and respect for the person we meet in the mirror of our yoga practice

~~we find that we would rather be ourselves, imperfectly, than someone else, perfectly

Things making me happy today: toast for breakfast, watching DWTS!, mini pizza for lunch, letting my hair partially air dry, new scrubs, DONE with my 3p-11p


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