Another dreary day…

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Well, after working my 3p-11p yesterday, we slept in like crazy!  I can’t believe it but Izzy let us sleep in until past 9:30 am!!!

My back is feeling a LITTLE bit better today.  Still stiff and a bit tight at times.  I’m hoping after a few more days it will be back to normal completely.

Toast with Biscoff and jam…coffee…reading!

Finance meeting (finally)…we had been putting it off and off and off…

Homemade pizza for dinner…while watching QAF…only 3 episodes left!

Now writing blogs before heading up for a nap…two on.

Kimm went for a walk with Izzy….strange not to go…

Meditations from the Mat (Day 116)…

~~we come to define ourselves by externals and therefore we always come up short 

~~the opposite of spiritual ignorance is vidya, or knowledge

~~often our self esteem collapses due to the strain of our most recent attempt to get something from the outside in order to make us feel okay on the inside

~~but then there are those moments…when we pause and connect to another reality…where we suddenly have a feeling that things are going to be all right after all…there is a sense that we are glad to be who we are

~~the moment passes, but it has left an impression…LIFE WILL GO ON

~~what has happened is that in that brief, still moment, we have had direct knowledge of our soul

Things making me happy today: sleeping in, finally getting a finance meeting in, homemade pizza, nap after dinner, coconut-scented lotion 🙂


One thought on “Another dreary day…

  1. Pleased to know your back is better. Hope it gets better and better. That’ll be the good news!!! Unfortunatey, the BAD NEWS IS that all the Van Straten’s have had bad backs problems but you’re only half Van Straten.  |:-)  Dad 

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