Warm spring day!

Friday, April 28, 2017

I CANNOT believe that this month is almost over!!!

And I am SO happy to have today off 🙂

Last night was busy at work.  As usual 🙂  But knowing it was my last day on made it easier to get through.

Home to bed.

The temps got up to the 80s today!!!!!  When I woke up, the bedroom was up to 75 degrees!

Easy dinner of veggie burger with rice.

A gorgeous after dinner walk…the first half had the most wonderful breeze ever, but that disappeared on the second half…arrived home with a little sheen of sweat!

Now we’re going to end the night with a movie and popcorn!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 118)…

~~we are not our thoughts

~~there is another player…there is the self who witnesses our thoughts

~~in Tibetan Buddhism, the analogy is that our mind is the sky and our thoughts are the clouds…the idea is to cultivate the expansive sky and to let go of the limited clouds

~~avidya is believing that the endless distracting thoughts are who we are, vidya is the understanding that we are the quiet witness as we hold a posture or sit in meditation

Things making me happy today: magnolia petals falling to the ground, gorgeous breeze on the walk, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, movie night with popcorn!!!


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