The day in which I finally do yoga again…

Monday, May 1, 2017

I LOVE a fresh clean month…full of possibilities!!

What I don’t love is a crazy, busy night.  Seriously…there have been an awful lot of those lately.  I was going, going, going until 6:30 am pretty much non-stop.  And I hardly got to interact with the staff…unless they contacted me, or needed something, I was just dealing with staffing and issues as they arose.  Believe me, I was GLAD to leave.

Price Rite on the way home.  Larder stocked again.

A quick chat with Kimm and then BED 🙂

I slept pretty good although not long enough…

Dinner was good — taco salad.

Dishes, walk and…YOGA.  I finally made the decision that I have to actually DO yoga instead of just thinking about it!!!!  I KNOW it makes me feel better, physically AND emotionally, yet there is still some reluctance to do it…only because I’m lazy.  But I NEVER regret doing it.  NIKE had it right all along…just DO IT.

Now I’m showered and ready to head to work.

FYI: Izzy’s urinalysis came back negative.  So the doctor wants us to have her wear her cone for a few days to see if she is having any urine leakage that could be irritating that area, or any other kind of discharge.  The CONE makes an occurrence again 🙂

Meditations from the Mat (Day 121)…

~~the next two hindrances are raga (attachment, desire) and dvesa (aversion)…these are more specifically duhkha, aversion to pain and sukha, attachment to pleasure

~~it is the attachment that causes problems (example…attachment to ice cream can cause weight gain, aversion to pain of getting a tooth filled can lead to a diseased tooth)

~~yoga is here to allow desire and aversion to be a part of life as it should be…allow the experience of the moment to be and don’t have attachment

~~just as we enter a posture that we enjoy, we should enjoy it fully and then let go and move on, perhaps to a posture that we like less, we then experience that posture fully and then move on…THIS IS YOGA

Things making me happy today: new fresh month!, bed (after a long busy night), taco salad — yumm!!, finally doing yoga again, fresh, clean towels!!


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