A day of “catching up”

Thursday, May 4, 2017

A day of getting some other stuff done!

Kimm — mowed the lawn (it NEEDED it…the meadow had spread SO much and the grass was LONG)

Me — I washed the animal bowls (need to make this more of a WEEKLY priority), washed my summer clothes that had been in storage (and had that SMELL)

I also…watched Survivor (Zeke gone!), did the dishes, did some yoga, watched DWTS (so happy Nancy Kerrigan still here!! … but sad to see Heather gone…she was a GOOD dancer)

Together we…JOINED A NEW GYM ($20/month!) and ATE OUT (El Forestero…SO, SO good — salsa and gaucamole and chips, veggie quesadillas, and pina colada for me, strawberry colada for Kimm).

And then we finished the night off with resting, a walk with Izzy and a movie (Manchester by the Sea — that was an interesting movie…not sure 100% how I feel about it…)

Meditations from the Mat (Day 124)…

~~dvesa, or aversion, is a relatively unknown transgression on the playing fields of Western spirituality…especially since we take stands on moral wrongdoing…aversion seems natural to most of us….fighting poverty, drugs, high taxes, fighting for an idea or cause…this is the American way

~~but…the aim of all yoga is to be present in stillness…aversion runs counter to stillness

~~when we act on aversions to a situation or person or idea, evolution stops and conflict begins…evolution takes energy and aversion is an energy drain…

~~on the mat, our resistance to the postures we do not like exhausts us, breaks our concentration, derails our practice…yoga happens, evolution happens, energy is accrued instead of drained when we are able to see ALL postures, ALL situations as the path that leads to being present

Things making me happy today: getting my t-shirts from storage washed — the smell of freshly washed clothes, wearing my new jeans!!, seeing Kimm’s freshly mown lawn, Survivor! and DWTS!


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