All day rain.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

We celebrated by eating Mexican for lunch and dinner…leftover quesadillas and Mexican rice from El Forestero for lunch, then tacos and cumin rice for dinner.  YUMM.  Love Mexican cuisine.

We didn’t do much today because it RAINED. ALL. DAY. LONG.

It was kind of cozy 🙂

I read (a lot), did yoga, wrote my blogs, organized my newly washed clothes, and made dinner/did dishes.

I’m due in for work tonight and I’m planning on heading on upstairs to take a nice, long nap…

Meditations from the Mat (Day 125)…

~~wherever our attention is, that is where we are

~~our attention, our awareness, breathes life into that which it rests upon…take your attention away from something and it fades away

~~the power of asana…the systematic bringing of attention to our bodies, to the state of our minds, to the MOMENT AT HAND

~~work, money, worry, shopping, exercise, etc…the list is endless…none of these items have power in themselves, their power is derived from the power of our attention

~~tie your attention to the solution, not the problem…shift your focus…every day we practice is an opportunity to observe this process…you can view your practice as a tedious obligation and go through your day dreading it…OR…you can SHIFT FOCUS and see your time on the mat as an opportunity to experience the power of the universe

Things making me happy today: reading on a rainy day, tacos, coffee, staying in comfy clothes ALL DAY LONG, petting Charlie in the morning, hearing a cat purr 🙂


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