The huge BJ’s trip…

Monday, May 8, 2017

Well, today we FINALLY made it to BJ’s.  We generally tend to put it off until we REALLY need to go.  And today was that day…especially since we had a lot of good coupons for the stuff we needed (TP, litter).

We left about 11 am and got back home about 1:30 pm…not too bad.  It was a big trip, and more expensive than we had anticipated (mostly because we had to get some printer cartridges….HIGHWAY ROBBERY, and we got a Brita faucet filter system).

Let’s just say, I’m glad that is done. I was so happy to eat something because I was really hungry.  We just had a snack (I had apple, string cheese, and peanuts) because we would be eating pretty soon.

Yup, before you knew it, I was making dinner.

Dishes, shower, and a nap followed.

Thankfully only two on.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 128)…

~~”The desire to cling to life is inherent both in the ignorant and in the learned.  This is because the mind retains impressions of the death experience from many previous incarnations.” — Yoga Sutras

~~within a Hindu context, life is one episode in a very long series of lives

~~it is not the fact of death that should concern us…our focus should be the spiritual condition in which we meet this eventuality

Things making me happy today: finally getting the BJ’s trip done, a nice hot shower, new lemon scented body wash, a long nap before work


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