That “one night off” thing again!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

YAY…made it to my one night off!!  I can say with certainty that I will be happy again when I get TWO nights off in a row.

But tonight was good…dinner was our fave — homemade pizza — SO GOOD.  Followed by some local peanut butter fudge that I had bought at work…YUMMY.

Then a walk, some quick computer time, and then…MOVIE NIGHT.

We watched Loving (it was a historical movie about how the law banning interracial marriages was overturned in 1967 by the Supreme Court).  It was pretty good…slow moving at times, but SO interesting to still think that white and black people could not marry legally only about 50 years ago…crazy.

Of course we enjoyed our popcorn and M&M’s while watching!!  Kimm could enjoy ALL without guilt because she burned off so many calories today mowing the lawn 🙂

Bed is going to feel SO GOOD.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 130)…

~~the first aim of life is dharma, the action you take to live your beliefs — it is WALKING THE WALK

~~dharma is about valuing a spiritual choice and doing whatever it takes to bring that choice into your life

Things making me happy today: a day off!!, homemade pizza, peanut butter fudge, watching birds feed at the bird feeder, freshly mowed lawn, movie night, my LOWEST weight yet on the scale 🙂


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