1st of 5…done.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Well, first day done!  And it was a doozy 🙂

ICU was HOPPING (with newer, less experienced staff on) so that was the area I hung around in most.  There was one very sick patient that was literally hanging on to life…she managed to make it through the night, then she coded at 7:20 am, and she pulled through that as well.  I’m not sure how the day will go.  I know that the doctors were talking to the family when I left.  So sad to see a family go through such heartbreak…especially when the person was doing well the day before…so unexpected.

It was Nurse’s Week so the management team made the rounds last night with the cupcake train…cupcakes for all!  I had half an angel food with cream cheese frosting…brought the other half home to Kimm!

I was glad to get home and hop into bed.

Kimm had grand plans…to attack the mess of weeds/vines/??? in the back corner that was more easily attainable to get to now that our neighbor has the fence down.  She worked on it ALL DAY.  SHE IS CRAZY.  But it looks better.  But of course…more to do.  That stuff takes a while to get down.  I know she was happy to get a good start on it since it is supposed to rain tomorrow.

Dinner was “chicken parm” with corn.  Yummy!  Followed by fudge!!

Some resting, dishes, and a walk.

Now I’m about to head in the shower…this is the last night I’ll be able to get a short nap in before work…tomorrow I’m in for 8 pm and the next night for 10 pm…makes it more difficult to have time for napping.  So I have to enjoy it when I can.

Only four more on…

Meditations from the Mat (Day 132)…

~~”A hundred times a day I remind myself that my life depends on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give, in measure as I have received, and am still receiving.” — Albert Einstein

~~kama is not taking life for granted

~~kama brings our spiritual life into balance…it is the JOY of the journey, the sense of WONDER at the symphony that is life

~~kama is gratitude…appreciating the totality of our experience

Things making me happy today: beautiful blue morning sky, getting through a tough night at work, bed!, chicken parm, chocolate peanut butter fudge!!!, after dinner walks



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