3 of 5…done. {Happy Mother’s Day}

Sunday, May 14, 2017

I made it through my long 12 hour hump day.  8p-8a.  DONE.

I was able to text my mom to say a quick “Happy Mother’s Day” before she went to church.  And on the way home from work I stopped and got my sweetie and me each a jelly donut as our Mother’s Day gifts!  Yep, being a fur-mama SO counts 🙂  We love those babies so much…even though they can also drive us crazy as well.  But what would we do without them??

I was SO ready for bed by the time I got home so after eating my WONDERFUL donut…seriously SO SO GOOD…I headed right to bed.

Dinner was quesadillas, followed by a walk and then I was able to shower and call my mom.  Always nice to HEAR your mom’s voice on Mother’s Day.

I ended the night by sending a text to Kimm’s mom, wishing my second mom a Happy Mother’s Day…we’re going over to their house on Tuesday evening to have pizza and watch a movie to celebrate.

Only two more nights left!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 134)…

~~the Yoga Sutras are a road map to the self

~~the four aims of life are the arenas in which we enact our return to the self…the eight limbs of yoga are day-to-day choices and actions that we can take within those arenas to connect to the self

~~example — nonviolence is an aspect of the eight limbs –we enact it in our dharma, our relationship to ourselves, we enact it in our artha, our relationships with others, we enact it in our kama, our attitude, we enact it in our moksa, our relationship to the universe

~~every moment becomes yoga, every moment becomes a step on the path back to our true nature

Things making me happy today: jelly donut from Donut Dip!, getting to talk to my mom on Mother’s Day!, knowing I’m almost through my 5 day stretch on


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