4 of 5…done.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Yay!!!!  Getting into the home stretch.  Last night was honestly not too bad.

Home and bed.

When I got up, the neighbors behind us had started putting up the fence posts.  Slow going on their end.  Of course they are stepping all over our yard and there is a lot of excess dirt everywhere.  Both of us are like, “what possesses people to think that you can just do that to your neighbor’s yard???”  SIGH.  Hopefully the fence will be up in the next couple of days and we can take a look and see what kind of repairs we might need to do on our side of the fence.  At least we’ll have a nice fence to look at.

Dinner was “chicken” sandwiches and fries.  Fudge for dessert of course….all done with the peanut butter fudge…sad face.

The after dinner walk was nice…this gorgeous gentle breeze blowing that was so beautiful.

Now I’m writing blogs, then to shower, hopefully a small nap and then to work.


Meditations from the Mat (Day 135)…

~~yoga has two differing views of spiritual practice…in one, the world is flawed adn the individual, as part of the flawed world, is flawed and yoga is there to help transcend our flawed nature…in the other, everything is already okay and yoga is there to remove our blocks to seeing this truth

~~how to do you see yoga?

~~either way, yoga and the sutras are an arrow pointing to the divinity within all of us

Things making me happy today:  dry roasted peanuts, coffee, getting out of work on time, beautiful dogwood trees, gentle wind on our walk, my weight stabilizing 🙂


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