An “US” day

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Today I was able to spend a day focusing on me and Kimm…and I’m so glad that we were able to fit this day in before I go on vacation home to WI because I have been working so many days lately and sometimes the thing that gets pushed to the side, unfortunately, is US time.

But today made up for that!!!

Starters…breakfast out — we went to Partners (actually before we went there we stopped at our new gym to make sure that our cards were activated since neither of us had seen any charges removed from our credit cards…well it turned out the guy who normally sees to all that had been on vacation when we signed up, and he had never been told that we joined, so because of it, we are basically getting a month free!  WOW!! Perfect timing since I KNOW that when I get back from vacation I have to make a serious commitment to get to the gym 2x/week minimum).

But now…back to breakfast.  I got the Belgian waffle since I had a craving, and Kimm got the veggie omelet with potatoes and rye toast on the side.  Plus we both got coffee.  So…about that coffee.  For me it was just fair.  I think I am just WAY to used to making my coffee EXACTLY how I like it at home with my flavored creamer.  I could not get it to taste great.  When I finally got it to taste somewhat okay, it was too cool so I asked the waitress to warm it up in the microwave, which she did, BUT…SHE ALSO ADDED MORE COFFEE TO THE POT!!!!  I know she was trying to be nice, but this COMPLETELY messed up my coffee/sugar/creamer ratio I had just gotten so-so.  I barely drank any of the coffee.  Sad face.  The waffle was just okay.  Nothing spectacular.  Kimm’s omelet was pretty good but her potatoes on the side were horrible….undercooked and covered with some kind of crazy spicy seasoning.  She did love that rye toast though.  I don’t know, everyone raves about this place, but we have just found it to be so-so.  But…it was nice to spend time out together 🙂

We came home for a bit and I took a much needed shower and then watched DWTS (Bonner voted off).

And then it was off to Barnes and Noble (actually first it was to Sears to pick up a new AC…we had put our old one in when we got home from breakfast and it was not working properly…so we just up and ordered a new one as the temps were going to reach over 90…NEED that AC to sleep).

Then to Barnes and Noble…nice just sitting in the cafe, reading books, and sipping on frappacinos (Kimm — smores, me — dark chocolate mocha) and munching on sugar cookies!

Back home again to put the AC in and then some relaxing (me reading, Kimm on the computer).

When we were finally hungry again we ordered out — Parthenon — veggie grinders and fries….that meal was SO good.  We ate while watching our movie from Netflix (Money Monster — which was OKAY).

All in all…a SUPER GREAT relaxing day.  I could not have asked for a better FULL day off!!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 137)…

~~yoga practice gives us a daily experience of the power of connection

~~we know that we are part of something larger than ourselves

~~as we practice yoga, the intelligence of our minds enters into an ancient dance with the intelligence of our bodies…we become integrated once again…we experience the power of connection

Things making me happy today: a day full of fun with my sweetie! — breakfast out, B & N (with frappacinos and sugar cookies!), grinders while watching a movie — a day just for US 🙂


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