One left.

Friday, May 19, 2017

WOW…only one more night left before being on VACATION!!!

First some interesting news from last night…the supervisor who has been out for her knee surgery will NOT be back on June 1st.  Well, we all knew that.  So the clinical coordinator from the ED will be filling in 3p-11p while the other supervisor is on vacation.  Also, we have another potential new supervisor being trained up.  It is a male, and he has been a nurse for about 2-3 years from what I recall.  He has a good personality for it, just not a lot of clinical experience.  So we shall see what will happen…

Work was actually good…pretty easy.  I stopped at Stop and Shop on the way home and then came home and went to bed.  I slept GOOD!  Thank you AC.

Dinner was excellent — TACO SALAD.

We went for a gorgeous after dinner walk.  The temp was perfect and there was a gentle breeze.  If all of summer could be like that I would LOVE summer 🙂

I’m going in an hour early tonight so as soon as I wrap this up I’m getting changed and heading in…


Meditations from the Mat (Day 139)…

~~”For those who have come to grow, the whole world is a garden.  For those who have come to learn, the whole world is a university.  For those who have come to know God, the whole world is a prayer mat.” — M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

~~come to the mat to GROW, to LEARN, to know GOD

Things making me happy today: having ACs in hot weather, sleeping well, taco salad!, sunlight dappling on the books I’m reading, one day of work before vacation!!!


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