Packed and ready to go…

Saturday, May 20, 2017


It was a rough last night on too…busy and staffing was not great.  I was super ready to head out.

I came home and immediately started packing.  It took a bit longer than usual because I had to try on so many things!  I wanted to make sure that everything fit okay.  I actually fit quite a bit in my small suitcase 🙂   Took about 2 1/2 hours total to pack.  Good thing I had my coffee to drink during it.

After that I hit the bed for a little nap.  Kimm was busy…a load of laundry and she mowed the lawn.

Progress on the fence behind us…some of the panels are up.  It looks … okay.  You can definitely tell that it is a home-done job.  I am of the opinion that certain things should be done by those who are experts!

We ordered pizza and curly fries for dinner and watched a movie…Julie and Julia.

And then an after dinner walk and dishes.

Now I’m just chillin’ for a bit.  I’m about to hop in the shower…I think I’m going to shower tonight instead of in the morning…to save some time for breakfast.

I’ll be up at 3:30 am!!!

Tomorrow at this time I’ll be home in Sheboygan…

Meditations from the Mat (Day 140)…

~~we fear a lot of things — success, failure, money, poverty, child rearing, childlessness…on and on and on…and we bring those fears with us to the yoga mat

~~either we can allow ourselves to be drained and distracted by doubts, questions and fears, or we can simply apply ourselves to the task at hand

~~yoga requires all of you…if you are filled with doubt, judgment, self-criticism then you are not doing yoga

~~believe that everything is going to work out okay

~~faith supports you under all pressure

Things making me happy today: finally on VACATION!!, getting my packing done BEFORE sleeping, pizza and a movie, enjoying a quiet moment just BEING

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