Unexpected ER Vet Visit

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


So work was busy, but not in a totally bad way, it just kept me going until I had to leave.  But of course that is when all the excitement started!

I had given Kimm a quick call before leaving work because she was going to call the vet by 8 am, especially if Izzy seemed worse.  Turns out that Izzy was a lot worse…she woke up with her left eye more significantly swollen and it also looked like her eyeball was going up into her head.  Of course Kimm was a little freaked out, also because she was still pretty lethargic and she was also doing these tics with her head to the right side of her body.

She called the vet and of course being our luck they were not able to see her today…our vet does surgeries on Tuesday and then the rest of the day was booked.  But based on the symptoms that Kimm told the vet tech, they recommended that she be seen by the vet ER.  That place is in Deerfield (about 40 minutes away) so we headed out as soon as I got home.  THANK GOODNESS I had taken my No Doze later in the night and still had my coffee to drink!

We got to the ER, explained why we were there, and were seen immediately (small miracles!)  The ER doctor that we had was really good…nice to us and Izzy, thorough in her exam and explanation, and didn’t gouge us for things we didn’t need.

She was concerned about the eye.  She thought it was what is called a retrobulbular abscess (an abscess behind her eye).  It is actually caused by an infection in the teeth, usually by poor dentition (tartar, plaque, inflammation).  She actually showed us the area in the back of Izzy’s mouth that was red and inflamed.  The weird eye thing was actually Izzy’s third eyelid pulling up over the eye (all dogs have this and it is often exposed when the eye is inflamed…kind of like a protection).  She said that Izzy was actually a “stoic” dog since it was obvious she was in pain (based on when she was palpating her mouth, she yelped!).  She also checked the eye for pressure (a little higher than normal but nothing to be concerned about) and ran some blood work (white blood count normal so no systemic infection).

The plan: antibiotics for 14 days (twice a day) — she said that most dogs that get this will be cured by this alone.  However, if she does not start responding to them in 24-48 hours she may need a follow up visit with an opthamologist and probably would need the abscess drained.  Along with the antibiotics, she told us to continue the flagyl that we had stopped because the new antibiotic can be tough on the stomach and the second antibiotic would help alleviate some of that.  She also gave us a probiotic for her to take (to help with her stomach and get her stools back to normal).  Lastly, a topical eye cream to help ease discomfort in that eye.  She also recommended that we stick with the bland diet for a week (and better to go with cottage cheese and white rice, than the veggie burger or “chicken” patty).

So we headed home after paying about $650!  WORTH EVERY PENNY for peace of mind!!!  We stopped at Geissler’s to get cottage cheese and white rice.  Then home where we got the first dose of all her meds in her.

And by that time I was exhausted.  To bed I headed for a little “nap”!

I was up four hours later and already I thought it looked like her eye was less swollen.  Kimm agreed.  Big sigh of relief.  She also seemed to be acting a little more energetic and like her old self 🙂

We ate dinner (chicken sandwiches, corn off the cob, chips and dip, and chocolate chip cookies!)

Izzy GOBBLED up the cottage cheese…she likes it!

Dishes are done…I’m about to take my shower…and then another short nap.  THANK GOODNESS I only have one more night left!

Izzy pooped for the second time (still soft) and she’ll get her second dose of meds tonight before I go in to work.  I can’t wait to see how she is doing in the morning.  Hopefully she’ll continue to be on the mend.  I can’t wait for her to be 100% back to her normal self.

Best of all, I am so glad that Kimm has a little more peace knowing what is going on.  She looks better and less stressed, which makes me VERY happy!

Looking forward to having tomorrow off.  Fingers crossed for a good night at work.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 150)…

~~”Let the beauty that you love be what you do.” — Rumi

~~dharma is the recognition that each of us is born with unique gifts, and that it is our path to discover these gifts and share them with those around us and empower them to live out their dharma

~~most of us dread missing our own lives…ask yourself, “What would I do if I had all the time and money in the world?” … most of us already know what makes our heart sing…the problem is that we have been trained to believe that the power to fuel our dreams lies outside ourselves, that our unique gifts must be described in a preexisting job description in order for them to be legitimate

~~dharma is what makes you, you!

~~our practice readies our bodies, our hearts, and our minds for the deep work of living our dreams..as we inhale, we prepare, as we exhale, we deepen the posture…coming to the mat, we prepare, going forth into our lives, we shine

~~our practice is an inhalation, our dharma is an exhalation

Things making me happy today: getting Izzy to the vet ER and finding out what is wrong and getting her started on meds, finally seeing Kimm more relaxed, chocolate chip cookies 🙂


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