Izzy is on the mend!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It was another busy night at the hospital.  But I made it through and now I have one day off!!!  (super excited!!)

Izzy’s eye was still swollen when I got home (but no worse than yesterday) and her jaw looked slightly swollen as well.  I was hoping that she would be even better after all night, but again, not really any worse.

I slept until 4:30 pm and then when I got up I noticed that Izzy looked much better!  The eye was definitely less swollen, her jaw no longer looked swollen and her third eyelid had retracted a bit so you could actually see just mostly pupil again, which looks a lot more normal and less scary 🙂

No poop for her today though…

SO HAPPY to have tonight off.

Dinner was excellent…homemade pizza and chocolate chip cookies.

I cooked up some white rice for Izzy for her meals for the next few days.  We did her medicine a little early because we saw there was a severe thunderstorm watch.  The bad weather hit about 8 pm….lots of thunder, lightening, rain and then … HAIL.  It was crazy.

Plan for tonight…popcorn and House of Cards.

Then bed at night time (!!) and I’m excited for breakfast tomorrow.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 151)…

~~the aim of spiritual practice is maturity

~~we want to be dependable and wise, loving and brave…

~~choose a handicap in your practice and experiment with embracing it…experience all of it — the resistance, the fear, the pain and the possibility of growth…experience being grateful for your handicap

Things making me happy today: Izzy looking better (eye less swollen), homemade pizza, a night off, feeling relaxed, deleting email, hearing a storm, going to bed at night


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