I guess the name of the game this summer may be … maintain.

Monday, June 26, 2017

My 12 hour shift went by pretty fast.  I was happy about that.  I’m sad that this will be the last week that the med/surg manager will be here…Friday is her retirement date and I am going to miss our early morning chats so much.  SIGH.  When I was leaving the hospital I saw that there was a major crash right in front…it didn’t look like anyone was injured but the cars were pretty crashed up.  Crazy how close that was.  Literally about 100 feet from my car.

When I got home I chatted a bit with Kimm then hit the sack.  I was asleep pretty fast.  I got up and did my usual Monday weigh-in.  As I expected, I gained about a pound.  I’m not really too concerned about that since I had pizza and ice cream the days before and ate quite a bit at brunch.  I’m sure after a few days it will come off and I’ll be back to where I’ve been for pretty much a couple months.  I’m have a REALLY difficult time trying to actually LOSE weight this summer!!  I think a more manageable goal will be to maintain.  There are just so many good things to eat/drink in the summer!!! I love my ice cream, wine, pizza, grill outs.  I’m NOT going to give them up so I’ll just have to keep on plugging along.

Taco salad for dinner.  So good.  Then watered the plants, walked Izzy, did yoga, showered and now I’m catching up on blogs before blow-drying my hair and leaving for work.  Only one more on.  I took a holiday day for tomorrow to have three off in a row!!!  I have to use up my time somehow 🙂

Hoping for an easy night.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 177)…

~~yoga breaks down the barriers to knowing your true self

~~satya, truthfulness — as we grow in integrity on the mat, we grow in authenticity off the mat…

~~the attunement to the moment and to the real that is required by our yoga practice does not leave us when we leave the mat…rather it brings our lives into FOCUS

Things making me happy today: done with my 12 hour shift, taco salad, looking at our flowers, yoga, feeling clean after my shower, listening to the night sounds


Sunday Drag Brunch.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Why do days OFF go by SO FAST??

Slept pretty good until the power went off for a minute…the AC died and I immediately woke up!  After that slept lightly.  Up for breakfast and coffee.  Then we got ready for Drag Brunch.

I decided to clean the tub before taking a shower…WIN.  Only took about 10 minutes and now done!

I was able to wear my new white shorts to Drag Brunch.  I looked GOOD.

Ate way too much…but it was so good!!  Mac and cheese, fried potatoes, salad, 1/2 bagel with cream cheese, blueberry muffin, brownie and peanut butter cookie.  YUMMM.

The show was good…lots of talent and high energy.

Ran into some sun showers on the way home, but the temps now are in the 70s…breezy and beautiful.

I’m so happy all we have to do is heat up pizza to eat dinner.  I’ll be eating, napping and then heading to work early…I’m in for a 12 hour shift…8p-8a.  I’m CROSSING my fingers it goes by fast.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 176)…

~~the second value in yoga is honesty (satya)

~~on the mat this translates to humility…not being humble, but being HONEST

~~honesty is when life starts to get good…it presents to us an opportunity to go back to square one…to become right-sized, to give of our truth

Things making me happy today: Drag Brunch, wearing my new shorts, good food to eat — ALWAYS, listening to the birds chirp, Charlie sitting next to me on the couch 🙂



Saturday, June 24, 2017

Somehow, after enjoying my relaxing breakfast today, I felt like weeding!  Strange huh!  I generally like the IDEA of weeding, HATE the actuality of weeding, but then LOVE the results of weeding!!!!  Anyways, I was out there for TWO HOURS (for those who have not weeded before, that is a LOT of weeding).  However, there is still more to be done.  I pretty much got the side of the house by the new perennials, and then the front with the two big wooden buckets, completely done.  There were a lot of weeds.  Now I’m left with the side of the house with the two smaller wooden buckets.  It will probably be another two hour job…for another day.

But oh, it looks SO SO good when it is all done!!

After a shower and sitting, we decided on ordering pizza out which was just what I needed.  No cooking.  I’ve determined that from now on after a weeding marathon, food out will be a MUST.

After eating the deliciousness of Nicky’s pizza, I relaxed and just nodded off.  So peaceful.

We did an after dinner walk, but not until almost twilight…it was much cooler and better for Izzy.  We ran into a neighbor and they have a very cute 3 month old puppy!!  So friendly.

Then it was back home for another round of game night.  We played…Last Word, Chinese Checkers and Sequence…all while munching on popcorn and M&M’s and drinking Raspberitas…it was a FUN night.

Bed is looking SO good.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 175)…

~~ahimsa (non-violence) is the core teaching of yoga

~~as we begin to honor and care for our bodies, our entire lives begin to change

~~the sensitivity necessary for us to become conscious of all the ways we act against our own bodies will teach us to avoid pitfalls in our everyday lives

Things making me happy today: getting food out, the accomplishment of seeing a job to the end and loving the results (WEEDING), late night walks, popcorn!

Fun first night off…

Friday, June 23, 2017

Done with work for two days!!!

I slept pretty good and then when I got up I was STARVING!  I immediately started working on the meal — “chicken” broccoli alfredo — LOVE this meal.  Definitely one of the great new meals that we created this year.

After eating, my belly felt so much better.  Dishes got done, we went out and looked at our flowers (all looking GOOD!), and then decided to head out for a ride.

The night was humid, but with the wind blowing in your face, it was so much more tolerable.  We drove all the way out to Simsbury, CT (a CUTE little town) and stopped at J. Foster for some ice cream….we were not too impressed by the shop — no signs up to tell you how much the ice cream was (expensive!), no signs up to tell you the flavors (so you had to make a decision quickly when it was your turn without getting a chance to mull it over!), and the ice cream was not as good as some other places we have tried (although the graham cracker flavor I had WAS good…but we both got Reese’s and it was more like chocolate ice cream with only a LITTLE bit of peanut butter flavor).  Izzy liked her vanilla though!!

We were home a little after 9:30 pm and then we turned the AC on in the bedroom, poured ourselves a glass of wine, got out the last of the potato chips, and played us a game of Rumikub — that game is SO MUCH FUN.  Difficult, but fun 🙂

We played three hands and Kimm ended up winning.

What a GREAT first night off!!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 174)…

~~our spiritual exploration of this life begins with our bodies

~~the asana allow us to do that…to start RIGHT where we ARE

Things making me happy today: good night at work, “chicken” broccoli alfredo, looking at the flowers after dinner, going for a ride, ice cream (graham cracker!), game night!!

Happy 73rd Birthday Mom!!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

I had a pretty good night at work.  Once I got home, I called my mom to wish her a wonderful birthday.   It  was nice chatting with her 🙂

Then it was straight to bed as I was TIRED.

Taco salad for dinner…YUMMY.  Followed by the last of our Snickers ice cream bars!!

Now I’ve caught up on reading my blogs, read a bit, and I’m about to do the dishes.  We’ll see what the weather is like, hopefully it will be nice enough for a walk with Izzy.

Kimm mowed the lawn today and weed wacked…it looks so nice!!


Hope you had a wonderful birthday day Mom…and I hope you had a good birthday meal and dessert!!!!!  LOVE YOU SO MUCH.  Wish I could be there to give you a good birthday hug 🙂

Meditations from the Mat (Day 173)…

~~the key words of the sutras on asana serve as an anchor….”firm and relaxed,” “steady and sweet,” “effortless and focused,” “letting go of past conditioning and meditating on the infinite”

Things making me happy today: calling my mom on her birthday, granola, taco salad, looking at our flowers and the freshly mowed lawn!


Happy first day of summer…

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The first day of summer!!  Yay for fun filled days ahead…

Looking forward to…

…porch time

…drives with ice cream cones

…summer drinks

…getting to the “beach”

…strawberry picking

…visiting a farm

…wine tastings


…getting our new shed

…fire pit with s’mores


…root bear floats

…watching the garden grow

…beautifying our outside area

And probably lots more that I can’t think of right now!!

It was a good first night of work.  And I was especially happy to come home and see that the perennials that we had planted the night before were looking good…less droopy, some of the flowers were opening.  I THINK that maybe we will succeed this time 🙂

Sleep was nice.

Homemade pizza for dinner which was excellent as usual.  Followed by Snickers ice cream bars…SO GOOD (and only 180 calories…SO WORTH IT!!)

It was nice after dinner so we were able to get Izzy on a walk (finally).  And I followed that with some yoga (good to get back to it…LOVE the stretch).

Shower and a show, then it will be time for work again.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 172)…

~~caught in the grip of ego (or asmita), the exaggerated sense of I-ness, we find that many postures are beyond us…the asana require us to get over our sense of separateness

Things making me happy today: homemade pizza, Snickers ice cream bars, getting back to yoga, walk with Izzy, the gentle hum of the AC


Another hot one.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hot, hot, hot.  That describes our weather just about now.

We woke up, took Izzy out, then turned on the AC!

Breakfast first, then outside we headed…to plant our perennials!!  Even though it was not the IDEAL day to do it (because, hello, it was HOT!), we didn’t want them to sit in the pots for too long because they were already drying out.   So we did it…despite being very hot and sweating a lot, the flowers were planted — 9 pots of them.  It took about 2 hours.  Final result — AWESOME!!!  I’m really, really hoping that they take and do well all summer, and then even more importantly, that they come up next spring!!  We shall see.

A shower felt SO good after being outside.  I could tell that I got some sun on my back and shoulders.  And then we ate…leftovers from Father’s Day again.  Love those simple meals.

Kimm did a load of whites and I did all the dishes.  There were a bunch…lunch, breakfast, and popcorn stuff from last night.  We finished at the same time.

And now we’re relaxing before watching a show with some popcorn at 7 pm.  Then I’ll get a nap in before work.  I’m on for three…

Meditations from the Mat (Day 171)…

~~”Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure.” — Norman Vincent Peale

~~good attitude, good results; bad attitude, bad results

~~practicing the asana, we have the opportunity to bring our internal and external attitudes into alignment

Things making me happy today: getting the perennials planted!! (and the outdoor decorations up), shower after being so hot, easy leftovers, napping on the couch

Almost a week of catching up!

Wednesday, June 14 through Monday, June 19, 2017

Hello again blog!

Sometimes it’s nice to just LIVE life, not always document it.  BUT…I also like to remember what the heck I did…so it’s all about compromise 🙂

So here’s to catching up…

Work — even though my boss was let go, work continues.  As always.  It’s like they say, no one is irreplaceable.  Kind of makes you think and be WAY more grateful for your job.  Hmmm, what else?  The census has been down lately which has been a nice change for everyone, and also nice because this is the time that everyone is taking vacations so nice for all the units to not have to scramble for coverage.  I feel like I need some work goals again so I think I’m going to focus on these three — 1) review ACLS so that when I have to take it again in November I’ll be prepared, 2) organize my paperwork in the office and just de-clutter in there in general…I HATE all that extra stuff that is not needed, 3) review some general nursing care stuff…just because I don’t do bedside care all the time I don’t want to not know what to do.

Home —  I LOVE being at home!  I am such a homebody!!  Still enjoying all my days off, especially having breakfast (and coffee!!) and being able to read.  Our garden is going strong…the beans are up, the tomatoes have flowers, even my zucchini is looking good so far!!  The flowers we bought are also doing well…I especially love the pink petunias and the vinca and the marigolds.  Today when we were out and about doing errands we invested in some perrenials…9 buckets — 3 that look like white daisies, 3 that look like yellow daisies, but shorter, and 3 that look like a taller marigold, the light orange and dark orange ones that we love.  We are planning on planting them where we put the coleuses last year (the front side of our house) and HOPE HOPE HOPE that they do well.  It would be so nice to have something that just comes up every year on it’s own!!  We picked up some shepherd’s hooks for the bird feeders outside.  Now Kimm and her dad will be able to cut down some of the lower branches on the trees.  We are getting excited to get the back corner cleared out and then go down and talk to someone again about the sheds — THIS IS THE YEAR!!  I’m loving the home yoga when I do it.  Usually I’ll do it for a while and then all of a sudden I don’t!  I really want to make that more consistent.  Not too many walks lately because it’s either raining or too hot.  Poor Izzy.  Good thing she has her ball.  I finally got around to painting my toenails last week (they hadn’t been done in probably about a month).  Also dyed my hair today — Dark Brown.  Just wanted to get the gray out so hopefully the color is not too dark for my coloring…it’s too wet to tell just yet.

MISC — We’re still loving going for drives.  Lately we’ve been going on my first night off of work if we are able.  I’m generally pretty tired that night, but somehow going for a drive makes me so happy I don’t get tired.  And we’ve been good about trying new ice cream on those trips so that’s lots of fun.  We went to Grassroots, a local ice cream place in Granby, CT last Wednesday.  The line was long, but the ice cream was GOOD — we each got 1 1/2 scoops — I had Salted Caramel and Coffee Caramel Cup, Kimm had Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch, Izzy vanilla!  SO SO GOOD.  Before our ride that night we had gotten grinders out at Parthenon…they were super yummy so that was quite the nice night — eating out, a drive, and ice cream…#spoiled.  Last Thursday we had an absolutely gorgeous day where it was sunny and breezy and not humid…pretty unusual for us, so we decided to grill out.  Veg burgers, veg kebobs (onions, mushrooms, green and red peppers, zucchini), corn off the cob…again everything tasted so good.  Love when food just makes you happy.  Last Friday I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast…I had a hankering…they were tasty…not the best pancakes I’ve ever made, but just bursting with that blueberry flavor.  We headed to Target after dropping off the lawnmower (making some crazy noise and of course we were nervous about what it could be…the place was running out 2 weeks on repairs!!!!).  We were so happy to be able to find new chairs for the porch at Target!!!  And chairs for the by the fire pit.  Of course we had to have Kimm’s parents come out and load everything in their car for us…I am so grateful to have them here to help us out.  That was an expensive Target trip.  That night we had “chicken” broccoli alfredo and it was super tasty.  Followed by homemade strawberry shortcake — again a hankering and it was like summer in a bowl 🙂  Father’s Day was yesterday and a big shout out to my dad and brother, and Kimm’s dad…like is better with them in it.    I had a nice chat with my dad before heading over to Kimm’s parent’s house for a cookout.  Followed by watching a movie, Ghosts of Mississippi — really, really good.  And now today has been stormy and fairly relaxing, now that all our errands are done.  We are both showered and plan on watching a movie with some popcorn and M&M’s.  Can’t get better than that!  I’m so happy that I have off again tonight before going back for three starting tomorrow!


Things making me happy…

June 14 (Wed): done with work!, going for a drive, good ice cream (Grassroots) — me — Salted Caramel and Coffee Caramel Cup, watching Izzy eat ice cream 🙂

June 15 (Thurs): freshly mowed lawn, painted toenails!, grilling out on a beautiful night, early to bed, reading under the covers

June 16 (Fri): blueberry pancakes, coffee!!!, finally getting chairs for the porch from Target, strawberry shortcake, “chicken” broccoli alfredo

June 17 (Sat): an easy night at work, lawnmower done in 1 day and only $40!!, “chicken” parm, sitting under the living room fan, showers

June 18 (Sun): my dad, my brother, Kimm’s dad, yummy grill out, pineapple fluff!, a good movie — Ghosts of Mississippi, Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Cups, Peanut Butter M&M’s

June 19 (Mon): new perennials!, finally dying my hair, comfy clothes, popcorn and a movie, cinnamon raisin English muffins, reading a good book


Meditations from the Mat…

Day 165

~~”Without concern for results, perform the necessary action: surrendering all attachments, accomplish life’s highest good” — Bhagavad Gita

~~life is a struggle — to again something or to avoid something — in order to escape this we need to take a few steps back and ask, “What am I? and “What am I not?

~~yoga suggests that you are divine consciousness on a divine mission to realize the truth about yourself

Day 166….

~~oftentimes we show up on the mat not in the mood to do yoga…lie flat on your back, stay with the breath

~~some days it may turn around and you may get a surge of energy…other days it may not…it does not really matter…if you complete your practice, you can step back and let go…you have done your best…what else is there?

Day 167

~~”It is easier to act yourself way into a better way of feeling than to feel yourself into a better way of action” — O. H. Mowrer

~~stay close to the program…build time for practice into your week

~~you don’t have to excel, you just need to use the system

~~oftentimes, when we need yoga the most, we want it the least

Day 168

~~the practice of yoga encourages the birth of our selfless service and our unique love

~~no moment, no act is ordinary…the asana allow us to share these gifts with the world

Day 169

~~it is only with an adequate understanding of our untamed mind that we can begin to understand the nature of our suffering, the meaning of the word surrender and the point of spiritual practice…this understanding is the first step into the light

Day 170

~~every aspect of life has one purpose…our spiritual growth

~~yoga is a means for cultivating personal responsibility for our own growth

~~start where you are…begin to see your entire life as your spiritual practice


Monday, June 12 and Tuesday June 13, 2017

Sunday night when I got to work I got a true shocker.  I found out from the supervisor I was taking over from that our boss was let go on Friday.  I was truly numb when I heard this news and I just could not believe it.  He has been with this hospital for over 30 years, he has been in the role of Chief Nursing Officer for as long as I’ve been there, and he has been a critical role in the implementation of the new concepts that our new CEO wanted.  I STILL don’t know all the information about why this happened and I don’t know if I ever will.  There are lots of rumors that’s for sure.

I got through my shift on auto-pilot.  The news was confirmed in the morning meeting which only made it more real.

I wonder what other changes will be coming down the road.

I came home, told Kimm everything I knew about it and then headed to bed.

I got up, ate dinner, took a look at our flowers and garden :), and then did some yoga before watching a show with Kimm before work.

When I got to work that night, my other supervisor was also quite upset with the news.  She was really close to him.  It will be a huge change to get used to.  During the day, the CEO had sent out an email, vaguely explaining why he was let go.  However, the email was awkward because it was so vague, as well as a bit mean spirited and harsh.  The email had gone hospital wide and no one I talked to thought it was very professional.  I think that unfortunately he probably lost some respect there.

The night was busy and I felt irritated and stressed.  I began worrying about the security of my own job…I guess that’s only natural.  But it’s never a good feeling.  And it made me think about whether or not I want to stay with a company that could do such a thing.  SIGH.

I got home and again told Kimm all the news and then headed to bed.

Homemade pizza for dinner and then watering the plants and flowers again.  THANKFULLY the marigolds are looking a bit better now.  The DAY AFTER we planted them they did some sort of street repair on our road which injured them (they blew some sort of chemical on the road and then covered the road ??)  Anyways, the flowers had looked a little rough after that.  We were both SO MAD because there was absolutely NO WARNING that they were going to be doing work on the street that day.  Good ol’ Agawam.

Tonight our new trash and recycling barrels got delivered.  They are on the side of the house now because we have no room in the garage at the moment.  Another hot day so no walk.  Supposedly it will be getting nicer in the next few days.  Thankfully our two little ACs are doing an excellent job at keeping our old house cool 🙂

Now I only have one more night on!!


Meditations from the Mat (Day 163)…

~~the asana are a series of controlled experiments in reinhabiting our bodies…they help breath life back into lifeless limbs

Meditations from the Mat (Day 164)…

~~”However often the restless mind may break loose and wander, he should rein it in and constantly bring it back to the self.” — Bhagavad Gita

~~the truth we learn when we first begin to meditate or practice asana is that we cannot control our minds…we bring our minds to one point and they constantly drift off somewhere else…this is called the Noble Failure — and it is the reason why we need to practice in the first place

~~the only option we have is to patiently train our minds, as we would a child or a dog

~~the asana give us a gentle circumstance to train our minds to stay in the present


Things making me happy:

Monday (JUN 12): grateful for a good paying job, steaming my face — so relaxing, sitting in the house watching twilight come, Charlie sitting between us on the couch

Tuesday (JUN 13): sleeping in the AC, watering and deadheading the flowers, homemade pizza, shower after yoga, my new bed leggings — SO SOFT

A full weekend.

Friday, June 9 through Sunday, June 11, 2017

Yep, I’m combining days.  And it feels good.  FREEING.

This past weekend was AWESOME.

It all started Friday when I got out of work…free for two nights 🙂

After getting up and eating dinner, we went for our FIRST RIDE of summer!!  Kimm and I love going for our rides and this one was so peaceful and relaxing.  So many beautiful homes for sale in Connecticut.  Twilight was wonderful.  We stopped for our FIRST ICE CREAM of the summer too!  (The Ice Cream Shoppe in Agawam…small twist cones for each of us — which were HUGE, and a kiddie vanilla in a cup for Izzy — also huge…I had to feed it to her slow to avoid brain freeze!  — total price was around $10.50 — pretty expensive I thought, and also, the line was not that long but moved SUPER SLOW…we probably won’t be going back there much…to many other places to try!)

After getting back from the ride, we started making chocolate chip cookies for Kimm’s Dad for the next day — it was the anniversary of his 18th year since getting his heart transplant so we were going to do a grill out to celebrate.  Making cookies was SO MUCH FUN.  Made 40 cookies…ate a lot of raw dough (because of course there are no calories until the cookies come OUT of the oven 🙂 — and just did a lot of laughing.  It was a well needed night.

Heading up to bed and crawling under the sheets just made it that much better…LOVE going to bed at night.

Saturday we slept in, then had breakfast, and then headed out to get our garden plants and outside flowers.  We went to Calabrese like usual.  We found what we wanted — four different kinds of tomatoes (Beefsteak, Early Girl — both larger tomatoes, and then a cherry tomato and grape tomato), green peppers, green beans, zucchini (yes, I’m trying AGAIN!!!), cucumbers and basil!  For flowers — marigolds (yellow, orange and this brilliant orange/maroon mix), petunias — dark and light purple, dark and light pink, and pink and white vinca.  Total price — about $55.  Not too bad.

A quick snack and then we were out there getting to work.  We weeded for AN HOUR — let me just say…WEEDING IS HARD WORK!!!  We were both done with it after like 15 minutes!!!  But we persevered and got it done.  Then the planting and putting up the chicken wire — of course we were about 3 feet short of the chicken wire so we’ll have to get some more but we improvised with some cardboard boxes buried in the dirt until then.

WE WERE EXHAUSTED.  Dirty and tired.  But it looked so good.  And we both felt so accomplished.

Showers which were glorious and then we headed over for the grill out.  YUMMY food — veggie burgers with fried onions, potato salad, veggies and dip, chips, baked beans, deviled eggs, chocolate chip cookies, and cake!  SO MUCH GOOD FOOD.  I was in a food coma, seriously.

Everyone watched Hidden Figures, the movie, after eating, while I of course napped.  I could not help it.  After getting all that food in me, the eyes were closing and I could not stop them!

Another day I was so glad to climb into bed.

Sunday was a hot one.  It got up to 90 degrees.  And of course we still had to plant the outside flowers.  So after breakfast we headed outside.  We were so sore from the day before so of course all the movement was just a little bit slower 🙂

We weeded for about 1/2 hour and then planted, which took about 1 and 1/2 hours.  I got some sun on my shoulders and back — just like going to the beach!  All the flowers looked so good when we were done — petunias in the front barrels, vinca in the side barrels, marigolds by the mailbox.

Of course, just as we were about to go in, we notice that OUR DOG has completely dug up a section of the hostas by the house!!!!!  I was SO MAD.  So while Kimm watered everything, I had to transplant hostas…not a task I was anticipating doing that day.

Showers again which felt SO GOOD.

And then it was grill out leftovers while watching The Girl on the Train — I really liked the movie, I think Kimm thought it was so-so.

And that was the end of my weekend because I had to go in for 8 pm…boo!

But if all weekends could be as nice, I would be one happy girl!


Meditations from the Mat (Day 160)…

~~in daily life we are bombarded with sensation…because of this we become REACTIVE….we react in the moment, out of the tangle of past experiences…clear seeing becomes difficult

~~yoga opposes this condition with practices aimed at quieting the mind, the body and the spirit…on the mat we have a microcosm of our lives

Meditations from the Mat (Day 161)…

~~”You, just as you are, and your life here, right now, are all there is and all you need to know.  You don’t have to do anything special.  Mostly, you have to be open to meeting face to face, and even dancing with, the truth that pertains to your life right now.  You have to find a way to collect your fractured pieces, examine them, and then accept them as part of who you are.  Spiritual practice is about transformation, but it’s also, and more importantly, about working with what is.” — Angel Kyodo Williams

Meditations from the Mat (Day 162)…

~~”What am I AFRAID of??”

~~know that there are many aspects to your practice that are stuck or that you approach in a manner that ensures you will only scratch the surface…take the SMALL steps to break free from this…catch your habitual attitudes

~~find new ways of experiencing yourself and your potential


Things making me happy…

June 9 (FRI): done with my nights on!, first drive of summer, first ice cream of summer, making chocolate chip cookies together, raw dough (no calories 🙂 !!)

June 10 (SAT): sleeping in, the accomplishment of weeding and planting the garden, hot shower when achy, grill out with Kimm’s parents, sleeping during the movie

June 11 (SUN): sleeping in, getting the outside flowers planted (petunias, marigolds, vinca), leftovers, watching a movie while eating, tan on my back!