Unable to give…

Friday, June 2, 2017

The month is marching along…

Another busy night at work, but what else is new.  I think I should just start commenting when they are NOT busy!

I tried to give blood after work, but my hemoglobin was too low…needed to be 12.5, it was 12.2.  DARN.  I was hoping that it would be high enough to give after stopping the iron pills, but remaining on the B12 pills.  I guess not.  I’m going to try the iron pills again, but if the side effects are not to my liking after restarting, I’ll just have to try to eat more iron.  I’m going to try to give again in one month.  I REALLY don’t want to have to give that up.

I hopped into bed after a quick convo with Kimm.  She was going to be mowing the lawn today.

I woke up when Kimm came into the bedroom around 3:00 pm.  She had just finished the lawn…not because it actually took that long (because she was going to be starting in the morning!) but because she had gotten delayed twice by people talking to her (for long periods of time).  So frustrating for her.  She, like me, needs to learn how to politely get rid of people!!

On the positive side…the lawn looks GREAT 🙂

Tacos and rice for dinner.  YUMM.

Then dishes, a walk with Izzy, and now I’m heading up to do some yoga (I’m wicked sore from yesterday’s practice!).  Then a shower and hopefully a nap of some sort before heading in.  I’m in an hour early tonight…10 pm.

Only two more left.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 153)…

~~do not second guess yourself on the mat, or underrate the power of asana

~~whatever you were doing with your body before you came to the mat is in the past…you are in the right place at the right time and the sky is the limit

Things making me happy today: coffee on my ride home, Tammy Wynette!, tacos, beautiful walk, sun!, freshly mown lawn, relaxing after dinner, naps before work


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