Last one.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Another busy night…a patient escapee and tons of sitter rooms (8!!).  I was working on securing staffing for the morning, evening and night shifts for a good portion of my time.  I was SO tired at work last night…I admit a quick 10 minute cat nap was had.  I was more than happy to come home and get into bed.

Tacos for dinner (with dry rice…I totally messed up by putting just a “little extra” of the rice in to finish off the box but I have to remember that that rice is really 1:1 ration!  oh well, we lived).

A nice relaxing nap after dinner followed by a walk.

Tonight I’m in for 8 pm so I don’t have much time before I have to leave.  I’m GOING to do a very fast yoga and then into the shower!


Meditations from the Mat…

~~we can never enter the same river twice — we can never experience the same posture twice or take the same breath twice

~~we enjoy our practice because as we flow through the postures each day we are learning and we are growing

~~showing up for something different, being willing to be a beginner again is one of the ways we keep our practice alive

Things making me happy today: small cat nap in the office at work, cherries, after dinner naps, breezy walks, knowing I only have one more night on


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