Game night!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

I was SO GLAD to leave work this morning.  It was another crazy night, literally, as the night ended with a patient having severe altered mental status and injuring a nurse.  Dealing with that took from 6:45 am til 8:15 am and emotionally I was just DONE with this week.  It was the best feeling knowing that I would now have 2 days off.  Funny (but not really) thing is that it was one year ago that a nurse in ICU got seriously injured when a patient became aggressive.  Thankfully this year the injury seems minor, but still!  I don’t think I want to work this date next year!

Bed was wonderful.

I woke up and made a super simple, but super enjoyable meal…veggie burgers and fries.  Eaten while watching House of Cards.  And then after eating, Kimm looked at me with that look…the ICE CREAM look 🙂  Yep, we did it…ice cream!  And it was SO GOOD…a new flavor for us…Oat of this Swirled (Ben and Jerry…cinnamon ice cream with a oatmeal cookie swirl, with fudge flakes!)

A nap after dinner, then dishes, and then…GAME NIGHT!!!

I knew that I wanted our first night after a long week to be fun…not just lounging around.  So we made a plan to have a game night.  We played our new card word game, Quiddler.  It was fun!  The goal was to make words each hand (with each hand with more cards).  I won two hands and Kimm won one.  We broke out the wine, the chips and dip and the M&M’s so by the time the evening was over we were laughing like crazy.  It felt SO GOOD.

What also felt so good was going up to bed and getting to sleep 🙂

Meditations from the Mat (Day 155)…

~~on the mat we learn to confront, experience, understand, accept, live with and let go of the difficulties of our lives….in doing so we learn to live fully, one day at a time

Things making me happy today: done with my long stretch at work!!!, simple meal of veggie burgers and fries, game night — Quiddler, wine, chips and dip, M&M’s, BED!!!, having off!!!