Monday, June 12 and Tuesday June 13, 2017

Sunday night when I got to work I got a true shocker.  I found out from the supervisor I was taking over from that our boss was let go on Friday.  I was truly numb when I heard this news and I just could not believe it.  He has been with this hospital for over 30 years, he has been in the role of Chief Nursing Officer for as long as I’ve been there, and he has been a critical role in the implementation of the new concepts that our new CEO wanted.  I STILL don’t know all the information about why this happened and I don’t know if I ever will.  There are lots of rumors that’s for sure.

I got through my shift on auto-pilot.  The news was confirmed in the morning meeting which only made it more real.

I wonder what other changes will be coming down the road.

I came home, told Kimm everything I knew about it and then headed to bed.

I got up, ate dinner, took a look at our flowers and garden :), and then did some yoga before watching a show with Kimm before work.

When I got to work that night, my other supervisor was also quite upset with the news.  She was really close to him.  It will be a huge change to get used to.  During the day, the CEO had sent out an email, vaguely explaining why he was let go.  However, the email was awkward because it was so vague, as well as a bit mean spirited and harsh.  The email had gone hospital wide and no one I talked to thought it was very professional.  I think that unfortunately he probably lost some respect there.

The night was busy and I felt irritated and stressed.  I began worrying about the security of my own job…I guess that’s only natural.  But it’s never a good feeling.  And it made me think about whether or not I want to stay with a company that could do such a thing.  SIGH.

I got home and again told Kimm all the news and then headed to bed.

Homemade pizza for dinner and then watering the plants and flowers again.  THANKFULLY the marigolds are looking a bit better now.  The DAY AFTER we planted them they did some sort of street repair on our road which injured them (they blew some sort of chemical on the road and then covered the road ??)  Anyways, the flowers had looked a little rough after that.  We were both SO MAD because there was absolutely NO WARNING that they were going to be doing work on the street that day.  Good ol’ Agawam.

Tonight our new trash and recycling barrels got delivered.  They are on the side of the house now because we have no room in the garage at the moment.  Another hot day so no walk.  Supposedly it will be getting nicer in the next few days.  Thankfully our two little ACs are doing an excellent job at keeping our old house cool 🙂

Now I only have one more night on!!


Meditations from the Mat (Day 163)…

~~the asana are a series of controlled experiments in reinhabiting our bodies…they help breath life back into lifeless limbs

Meditations from the Mat (Day 164)…

~~”However often the restless mind may break loose and wander, he should rein it in and constantly bring it back to the self.” — Bhagavad Gita

~~the truth we learn when we first begin to meditate or practice asana is that we cannot control our minds…we bring our minds to one point and they constantly drift off somewhere else…this is called the Noble Failure — and it is the reason why we need to practice in the first place

~~the only option we have is to patiently train our minds, as we would a child or a dog

~~the asana give us a gentle circumstance to train our minds to stay in the present


Things making me happy:

Monday (JUN 12): grateful for a good paying job, steaming my face — so relaxing, sitting in the house watching twilight come, Charlie sitting between us on the couch

Tuesday (JUN 13): sleeping in the AC, watering and deadheading the flowers, homemade pizza, shower after yoga, my new bed leggings — SO SOFT


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